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Objective: Students can say.... "What is your favorite ____________. and My favorite _________ is ____________.

Yes its your typical Bingo but maybe different from your previous.

This is a team effert for Bingo and you can switch this up for the book or what not.  I just have to play games with my students so I always do vocabulary.

Prep for class is print out the "Bingo Numbers" and get a hat (Bowl).

1st) Get students in groups of 6x6 = total of 36 students in my class.

2nd) Hand out the blank "Bingo Sheet".  Then have them mark an X on a free space.

3rd) Give them the "Word Bank" and have them put words on the blank sheet.

4th) Give all the students individual numbers. 1-36.  Each student has their own number and they can practice their numbers.

5th)  Pull a number from the hat and ask that students a question.  Eg. Student #21.  What is your favorite city?  (Leave the slide of all the questions so it helps the students.)  Student #21 replies and says "My favorite city is Busan".  Have all the students mark off Busan.  (Another helpful tip is to write on the board, "My favorite ______ is _______."  If the students get lost then show them that and help them.

BEWARE.  Review words and pronounciation before the class beause they may look at Psy and not realize the English spelling.  You will be surprised.

6th) The student that answered the question will pull a number and ask a question to the next number being pulled.

7th) There is no individual bingo.  Each group or team will add up all their points and at the end of class tally each teams points.

team 1 = 7bingo
team 2 = 12 bingo
team 3 = 5 bingo
team 4 = 8 bingo
Then team 2 would be 1st and team 4 will be 2nd.

****Another way to do this is to to keep going for an X amount of time.  This can also be done with individual bingo.  Instead of stopping and checking and giving a prize to the students that have bingo just wait until 5 minutes before the period to end. Ask the students who has 5 bingos?  who has 4 bingos?  If there are to many students that have the same bingos then just play paper, scissors, rock at the end.
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Re: BINGO!!!
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Thanks for sharing this.  And very clear instructions.  Having never played Bingo, I need to wikipedia bingo (US) to fully understand.  Looking forward to doing this in my classes.  Thanks once again.