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Here's the index list for the books called Middle School English with authors:
Grade 1-Mark Brown
Grade 2- William Roszell
Grade 3- 장영희 (Jang Yeong Hee)

To access the lesson plans for each chapter, click the link below and it will bring you to a thread with all the lessons relevant to that chapter.

Please do not post lessons in reply to this thread. Please post your lesson plans on the thread with the matching title for your lesson.

I will be moving the lessons over from the other thread for this book as soon as possible. In the meantime, please look there for anything you can't find on this thread:,5015.0.html

Grade 1

Lesson 1: Open a Door to the World
Lesson 2: My Twin Sisters
Lesson 3: Sports Day
Lesson 4:My Visit to London
Lesson 5: What a Beautiful World!
Lesson 6: An Interview with an Astronaut
Lesson 7: Bridges of the World
Lesson 8: The Happy Tree
Lesson 9: Fun Cartoons
Lesson 10: I have a Dream
Grade 1 Review Materials

Grade 2

Lesson 1: It's Going to Be Fun
Lesson 2: Desserts of the World
Lesson 3: A Caterpillar in the Cave
Lesson 4: Why Do Birds Sing?
Lesson 5: Stand Up and Stretch!
Lesson 6: Songs of Hope
Lesson 7: What Do You Think?
Lesson 8: Princess Backwards
Lesson 9: Invasion of Christmas Island
Lesson 10: Inventions by Teens
Grade 2 Review Materials

Grade 3

Lesson 1: The Magic of 10,000 Hours
Lesson 2: I Don't Want to Fall Behind
Lesson 3: I'm Unique Because My Hearing Is Bad
Lesson 4: Become a Better Problem Solver
Lesson 5: Milo and Magical Stones
Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement?
Lesson 7: Finding Korea Around the World
Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us!
Lesson 9: The Secret of Happiness
Lesson 10: Nikola Tesla, Who Lit Up the World
Grade 3 Review Materials

Once again... Please DO NOT post lesson plans on this index section. Find the appropriate lesson thread or review thread and add your comments, lesson plans, and materials there. Also, DO NOT post things for special holidays/camps/teaching methods, etc on this index. Find the appropriate page by using the search function at the top of the page.

If you have any information reguarding CD-ROMS, websites from the publisher, or any substantially worthwhile info that teachers need, please PM me and it will be added to this first post of the index.

Over time, I will try to take apart the previous thread regarding this text book series and see if I can figure out which chapters each previous contribution belongs in.  I will lock that thread from now on so please post you lessons here under each respective lesson. If you have a problem with the threads working, please send me a message and Iíll try to get everything fixed up within the next couple of days. This has been a huge undertaking since the original book thread is a mess but hopefully it will help you all out in the future to stay organized.  Good luck making some great lessons!

*Until everything is taken off the old and put on the new, please check here...,5015.0.html for any lesson plans and comments previously made.  That thread will now be locked.
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Re: Middle School English (Mark Brown-William Roszell-장영희) Index
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The page for grade 3 lesson 7 seems to have been deleted or it's permissions changed.

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Re: Middle School English (Mark Brown-William Roszell-장영희) Index
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Thank you for letting me know. The problem has been fixed!
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