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Re: Where's HOT for ESL right now!?@
« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2012, 02:30:33 pm »
What about China? I'm seriously considering Shanghai. The pay is a little less than here, but the cost of living is much cheaper. I've been there multiple times and really enjoy the locals' mindset - very independent.

I have a friend working in Nanjing (he previously worked in Korea for a year) and he is very happy in China. Not only does your school NOT own your visa but you can do as much part time work as you like. He says that he is treated like an adult and a valued employee which makes all the difference when it comes to job satisfaction. Also, there's a huge expat community in every major city there, not only consisting of English teachers, which makes life a little more interesting.

I've lived in Shanghai before. It's not my cup of tea, unless I get into a better career with proper money but it's a good place. Bad pollution though. Here's a website that may be useful to you if you head over there:

If you want a good balance of life and money that's up & coming, I'd go for Indonesia maybe.
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Re: Where's HOT for ESL right now!?@
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If you have the qualifications for a visa, teaching in Indonesia is a good choice. I think the requirements for the legit schools are that you must be 25 years or older, have 3 years of experience, and have a degree in the area that you want to teach (so, English, Math, or Science).

My friend started working in Jakarta this past summer and is earning $3000 USD a month, tax-free. He was also provided with a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment. He's at work 40 hours a week, but only teaches 12 hours or so. Guess where I'm going at the end of this contract... ;D