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    • July 18, 2010, 11:28:34 pm
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hey guys,

there was no thread for this lesson so i decided to make one, although this site is riddled with comparison threads.  for the sake of saving time here is a list of the other 6th grade textbooks' comparison threads, used this and last year, and links to their threads:

천재교육 (Cheonjae)- 5. Im Taller Than You

YBM (Maria Oh is an author 오마리아)- 7. Im Stronger than You

YBM- 10. Youre Taller than Me

대교 (Daegyo)- 11. Hallasan Is Higher Than Jirisan

Vande Voort Heidi Marie 교학사- 5. Im Taller than You

2011 National Book- Lesson 10 - I'm Stronger Than You

if i've made any mistakes with this list or the hyperlinks, please let me know so i can correct them~

i teach lower level classes of 6th graders once a week, and as motivation for the first period i followed whiskey fairy's suggestion of using the video mentioned in this thread:

my lower level students, some of whom know less than my 1st graders, got really into it.  afterwards when we made a list on the board of the animals they saw in the video, it was something that even the students who barely know their ABC's could participate in so some of the ones who never participate raised their hands.  some of my students were practicing the song after class, so it's definitely something that worked for me. 

hope all of this is helpful to someone~
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"If you can't express something to anyone around you, doesn't it exist only in your mind?"

-Katherine Russel Rich

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Here in my vocabulary (spelling included) and key expressions Power Point for this lesson. I use a particular font, which I've embedded in the PPT--hence the large file size. The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs that I used to explain "champion" isn't true to fact, but the students won't know that. (The picture I used was a hypothetical bracket prediction.)

I hope this will be helpful for you.

Here's an intro powerpoint. 

Here's a vocab worksheet.  It includes all the key words and phrases as well as the Look & Listen and Look & Say.

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    • August 29, 2011, 09:24:35 am
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Here are some great games for this unit:

Comparatives Writing Game
Students work in pairs or in their groups.
Write the comparative adjectives on the board.
Students brainstorm animals (make sure they're written plural).
Students use the following guided writing phrase:
(animals) are (adjective)-er than (animals).  (Put it on the board)
Provide examples for the students.  (I focus on an obvious example.)
Then show the students the easy way to reverse it by transposing the animals and changing the adjective to its opposite.
Working in groups/pairs students try to write as many sentences as they can.
For higher level student check for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Score the sheets: 
Completely correct sentences are worth 5 points.
Sentences without punctuation are worth 3 points.
All sentences are worth 1 point at least.
If there are sentences that use the wrong animal and adjective combinations ask the class to judge whether or not to accept the sentence and award the points.
The team with the highest point total is the winner.

Introduction to the Adjective Olympics

1. Greeting (Hello. / How are you? / How's the weather today?)
2. Introduce the activity
Students will compete in groups of four for each activity.
The student that wins in his/her group MUST say I am (adjective)-er than ____, ____, and ____.  In order to move on.
The group wants that student to move on so it can win points.
Group members are allowed to help the winning student.
The winner from each group faces the winner from every other group in the same challenge.  The 'winner' must use the key expression, with help from their group, in order to win:  I'm _____ than ___, ___, ___, etc. for each of the final competitors.  If they make mistakes the next person in line can steal the gold, go on for all the finalists until there is a gold/silver/bronze winner.

Gold:  3 points
Silver:  2 points
Bronze:  1 point


Who is taller?
Who is shorter?
Who has shorter hair?
Who has longer hair?
Who is older?
Who is younger?
Who has bigger hands?
Who has bigger feet?
Who has smaller hands?
Who has smaller feet?
Who can jump higher?:  Have students touch marks on the wall?
Who is luckier?:  Students roll two dice, the highest roll wins.
Who is faster?:  Rule drop:  One student drops the ruler the other student tries to grab it, and the student with the lowest number is the winner.
Who is better?:  Play a game of rock/scissor/paper.
Who is the stronger girl/boy? (?) Arm wrestling.  (Segregate by sexes?)
Which team is smarter?:  The team does a LARGE word search together.  Points are awarded to the first three teams that complete the word search.

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Picture Recognition Race

Use the cards in the Student Book page 211.  Lay them out in the front or back of the classroom.  Add a 'None of these' card to the mix.
Students play in teams. 
Teacher will make a statement.  The students race to the cards and try to find the correct card first.
The team that gets the card gets a point.

Team Telephone game.

Use the cards in the Student Book page 211.  Lay them out in the front or back of the classroom.
Students play in teams.
Teacher says a statement that corresponds to one of the cards to a student in the front the team.  The team should be lined up.
The team members speak it to the person behind them, QUIETLY.
The team member at the end of the row then races to the front to choose the correct card.
The team who gets their card first gets a point.

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Intro ppt.

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    • September 02, 2012, 07:15:59 pm
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Hey guys I made a really simple review for Period 2 of this lesson's Look & Say. Feel free to modify it anyway you'd like. My CT really likes "Challenges" so that's why I made it. Enjoy!

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Using this for motivation for P1.

It's a clip of Kim Yuna. Not 100% relevant but they mention that she got the highest short program score. Kids have to listen for what her recent achievement (the highest score) was. It's nice because she's recognizable and they can see a somewhat practical application of English in a Korean context.

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Hi everyone,

Happy to contribute for the first time.  I made a quiz, similar to the quiz in "Look and Say," but more fun.  Play it however you will, with speaking or with writing.  We played with individual white boards and my students loved it!

There are 10 questions and a few videos to go along with some of the questions.  You need to be in presentation mode in order to view the videos. I haven't figured out how to tab forward after the video shows, instead I just exit from presentation mode, click on the next page and then go back into presentation mode.   Also during the quiz, I usually stop the video once the point is made. 

Here are the videos included:

-Which is slower , a cheetah or a gazelle?  + video of a cheetah chasing down a gazelle
-Who is faster, Michael Phelps or Park Taehwan? + a video of Park Taehwan winning the 100 m swim
-Who can jump higher, 산들 (B1A4) or 니엘 (Teen Top)? + video of K-Pop Olympics, guy from Teen Top beating the guy from B1A4 at the high jump.
-Who is stronger, the Hulk or Thor? + video from The Avengers of the fight between the Hulk and Thor (the fight doesn't exactly have a clear winner, but come on, he jumps out of a building onto a plane and then later survives a fall from the stratosphere...he wins).

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Another game for P5.

P2__PPT my co-teacher used


P1 PPT using comparative.
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Here are a few writing and speaking activities I'm going to use at my travel schools:

The first attachment is a powerpoint that reviews the basic sentences of the unit (and also includes opposites: weaker, shorter, etc. because the students pick things up quickly).  The second half of the powerpoint just has pictures.

Here's the game:  I break the students into two teams, have the teams sit at the back of the classroom, and show a slide.  One person from each team has to race to the board and write the sentence that matches the picture correctly.  The team with the most points at the end wins. They love this.

The second attachment is a survey activity.  I'll have the students compete with each other (arm wrestle, race (we have class in the library where there's more space), etc.) and record their results.  I'll have the class come up with the last two "events" for the survey.  Then to keep it educational they'll write sentences about their results.

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Hello all!  I took this idea and from the "She has long straight hair" chapter in 5th grade...think his name is "cwells"?  Anyways, thanks!  It's a Simpsons themed UNO game!  If you need instructions on how to play, please PM me :)

Will also try to make a powerpoint for explanation
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Here is simple comparatives exercise for everyone.  Form the students into three groups and then have them line up in order of any comparative you choose.  Older, Younger, Taller, Shorter, bigger shoe size, longer hair, etc.  Then once the group has lined up have the students go through the line saying "I'm taller than Taeho. I'm shorter than Minsu."  If you want you can time the groups and give the group which finishes the fastest a point. 

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Daft Punk- Harder Better Faster Stronger

Read through the lyrics as a class.

Show this student video

Get them to sing along to the version with lyrics on the screen (skip past the intro as it is waaaay too long to make them sit through.)

The student video is really good and the song is simple enough to pick up pretty easily. 

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Kelly Clarkson's Stronger with English and Korean subtitles!

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Love the video of the students holding signs up to Daft Punks 'Harder, Faster' song.  How about Christina's song fighter?

EDIT:  added Gangnam points game..just added questions, pics and answers to the  template already posted on this site.
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PPTs for "On your own" and "Act and play" for period 3.

I took rockiavelli's Adjective Olympics idea and made a PPT to go along with it to introduce each "event". It worked quite well and the kids had fun but if you do this with a big class I strongly recommend having a penalty system in place for when they're too noisy and start getting out of hand. I'd suggest giving each team a set number of points to begin with and then taking off two a time or something for loud talking. We didn't do it but I like the idea of 3 points for first, 2 for second and 1 for third - it makes it more competitive. Add and remove slides as you feel! Have fun ^^

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I used Britney Spears Stronger. I gave out the lyrics and had the students sing. The girls really like it.

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Could someone please help me with this:,925.msg9163.html#msg9163

The poster stated it was one of the BEST games for this topic (but it was posted in 2010),925.msg289424/topicseen.html#new

I need some help from someone who could explain the rules "clearly" to me.


I took a look at the game and it is indeed a great idea! I am not the original poster, but I did think up a way to play the game. Whether these are really the rules or not, I don't know, but I feel it would work:

1. Have students work alone or in small groups of two or three (Try to make an even number of students or groups of students walking around). Give each student or group of students three cards. The goal of the game is to collect as many cards as you can in 4 or 5 minutes (maybe even 10?).

2. Students battle each other by first playing rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets to make a sentence. Each team places one card face down in front of them. Then, the team who has won the rock, paper, scissors battle makes a statement about their card such as, "I'm older than you!" The two teams then flip their cards over and see if the statement is true. If it is, the team who issued the statement takes the card. If not, the other team takes the card. Students then get up and find a new student or group to battle.

3. After the time limit for the game is up, the student or group of students who has the most cards is the class winner.