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Re: Re: GEPIK is Finished
« Reply #260 on: September 07, 2011, 11:48:06 am »
... According to a post just a few posts above this...a chart was sent out with the new list of coordinators with Dain's notice that she was resigning....
If you post the list here, then people can check to see if their co-ordinator has changed.

I'm attaching her original letter which includes the chart.  Her resignation letter was a PDF but I was able to convert it to Word to copy and paste the text in my earlier post.  However, the PDF to Word conversion program does not work well with charts.  If anyone knows how to post the chart so everyone doesn't have to download it to view it, please do it and let us know how.

Thanks for that...I reckon anyone who wants to know can get of their arse and download the's not a huge inconvenience!