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    • November 25, 2010, 10:34:02 am
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I tried many different searches, and I didn't find a topic that directly touched on this, so I apologize to the moderators if it seems I'm just repeating a question.

My contract finishes October 16th, and I will return to the US to visit my family so as to not lose my one-way airfare reimbursement from my school.  I just married a Korean, and we have applied for my F-6 Visa.  I should receive it mid September. Now, I did post in another forum asking about whether or not I can claim pension on an F-6 Visa, and I got a yes response from two people.  My first question is this- I am wondering if anyone here can confirm this and whether you have done it recently?  Can you give me details?

My second question is this- I am planning to book and print the one way ticket for my school and the pension office.  Then, usually you can call an airline and change the ticket, so I'll just pay the difference   I have heard that the pension office calls to make sure you have left the country.  I will have obviously left the country, but does anyone know if they will be able to find out that I changed it to a round trip ticket and will be returning?  Can anyone confirm that they have left the country, but changed their ticket to a round trip, and still claimed pension?  (While I'm asking about this, will anyone be able to see that I've changed it to round trip?  I don't want to mess up anything with receiving the reimbursement from my school either.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me answer these questions!     

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Re: Pension Question with the caveat being a Visa Change AND Airfare Change
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I don't know if you found out the answer to this but I don't see why you aren't allowed to enter the country again.  If they ask why, you can always tell them that you are just sight-seeing.