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I posted yesterday about a housing issue... I now understand why my housing lease expires at the end of this month, not September when my contract runs out - my co-teachers (not my boss) just dropped the bombshell that 'Er, tomorrow is actually your last day.'  :o

I had no warning, and yes, it's essentially an 11th month firing.

When I asked my school last week they told me my last day was 26th September, but this week they decided to totally disregard the contract (y'know those parts about the 30 days notice, start and end dates, etc.) by letting me go early because it's the start of the new term. My co-teachers say my boss simply forgot to tell me.

They've agreed to give me a letter of release, but they're remaining tight-lipped about severance etc.

My question is, by accepting a LOR in my 11th month, am I basically agreeing to break the contract early and therefore waving goodbye to my severance, flight money and outstanding holiday pay?

TBH, if they want to let me go then that's fine, I'm free to find other jobs out there and I don't want to waste my time getting into a fight, I'd prefer to draw a line an move on... that said, I don't want to lose out on my severance pay.

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1. Do not sign anything.
2. Continue to show up for work (so they can't claim that you quit).
3. Talk to the labor board and find out what to do next.

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Re: Help!
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yes, if you accept anything you are essentially allowing yourself to be fired.

this situation sucks!!! have you thought about contacting the labour board?

good luck!
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