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Re: Odds on landing a job- K-American
« Reply #20 on: October 05, 2013, 04:56:05 am »

I'm looking for work in Seoul only and was wondering what the odds were on finding a job there. Specifically, whether or not I should concentrate on hakwons or apply to SMOE. While I'd rather do a hakwon due to quicker start time, better hours (for me anyway) and for some degree of difference (3 years of public in Busan), SMOE is not out of the question.

I've read here that publics tend to care less about how you look (ie non-white face), so shoudl I even bother with the privates? I've sent like a ton of apps out to different recruiters. I've heard back from like ...2? Maybe 3?

I'm a K-American male with beg-int. command of the language, a 100 hour TESOL cert. and 3 years of public exp. I'm pretty adamant on Seoul for personal reasons.

Related Q- If I applied to SMOE (obviously, the sooner, the better) and dropped out after acceptance due to another job offer, would there be any penalties as a result? When I first applied to EPIK (Busan), I remember some fuss about that.

Anyhow, thanks.

If you have specific reccs for work places, that'd be great too!

Get an F-4 and apply to hagwons that seek F-4 visa holders. Discrimination may play a role with SMOE; if you do get hired; it's unlikely you'll be placed in a PS in an affluent area (because you're Asian).

Search this site using Google by typing, " [search term]," especially during peak hours. Alternatively, use the site's search function.


If u got special skills, should be easy anywhere.

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It doesn't really matter if you are white or a gyopo if you are applying for a job that requires technical skills. Whether your CV is last or second-to-last doesn't increase your odds of getting a job.

If you have a visa, speak Korean, speak English and have a degree in a relevant technical field then you'd be worried about how to politely turn down all the offer thrown at you. Without the Korean skills or any technical skills then it's whatever job you can find that requires an English speaker with a visa.