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    • September 10, 2010, 01:24:42 pm
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Pass the pencilcase game.
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(대한 교과서 Taehan) Grade 3 Lesson 15 - Good-bye (Buzz, Bomi and Bibi)
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This is very very basic as had to quickly put this together a couple minutes before the class started. This is just a powerpoint of the vocab used in this lesson. Good for an intro, so feel free to add and make it prettier based on what you need =)

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I played a game where I drew some characters on the board A team was Ann, B team was Bob, and C team was Colin. I then assigned a piece of winter clothing to each dice number, and 6 was 'lose one item of clothing'. The teams would take turns to roll the dice and if they got a piece of clothing they wanted they would say 'Put on your ____!', if they got one they already had or rolled 6 they would say 'oh! It's cold!' and if they finally got all the pieces of clothing they would say 'goodbye! have a nice trip!'. Fastest team to get all of the clothes is the winner. Or alternatively you could set a time limit and the team with the most clothes is the winner.

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Just a few things I made for this lesson. Thanks to the creator of the original minesweeper and car race templates.

Here is a Sleeping Elephants game that goes along with this chapter (including some review sentences). My students are mentally checked out after their exams so hopefully this game will get them motivated. Enjoy!