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Camp Question
« on: August 01, 2012, 07:56:12 am »
So here's my situation, followed by my question;

I teach at two schools and am in the process of doing a week long summer camp for both.  I'm done with the first week and it went pretty well.  Plenty of project based kinda stuff and a whole bunch of crafts, since that's what my co-teacher suggested I go for.

Like I said, it went down pretty well.  Everyone had a good time and quality of the work was really high with the exception of the usual one of two layabouts.

Then at the beginning of this week I started camp at my second school, which I generally find to be easier to teach at due to slightly higher English levels.  I was pretty excited because of this, thinking that if the camp went as well as it did last week at that school, it should be a pleasure this week.  I was dead wrong.

The students aren't responding at all to ANYTHING.  I ask them to make a poster about a fictional country that they had to invent, and half the groups didn't bother to do anything besides scribble all over the cardboard and tear up the magazines I had given them to cut pictures out of.  I give them clay and paint to make Olympic medals, which went down like a house on fire at my other school, and they proceed to throw the clay against the wall and out of the window, stand on it, and generally make it super clear that they are not bothered. 

My questions are, has anyone else experienced anything like this, and how do you think it would affect my standing with my schools? 

My co-teacher is also super disapointed in the kids, and says that a bunch of them were talking about how boring the camp was etc.  I know for a fact that the students get to rate me and my camp, and I think that system is a bit rediculous, since I know that the material was solid because of how well it worked the week before. 

What do you guys think?
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Re: Camp Question
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Well, as teachers we need to remember that not every students learns the same. If I remember correctly from my schooling, there are roughly 8 different styles of learning including, auditory, kinethetic, visual, logical, etc. Therefore, just because one camp really liked your materials does not mean it will work for the other students.  Perhaps their interests are completely different. Maybe they want a class this is more action and less crafts. I know I personally didn't respond well to arts and crafts time in school because I was embarassed to show my work to every one else and it was boring to me. Just try to find their interests and cater to that while still completing the goals of your activity.