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I'm sure this has come up before, it's such a really hard thing to search for.

I'm leaving Korea in about a month. I'm Canadian. When I left Canada, I declared "non-residency" and haven't been paying taxes in Canada since. My school has been doing my taxes for me since I've been here. I have tax documents stating that I paid taxes for half of 2010 (September to December) and all of 2010.

I'm keeping all of these documents in case I need to prove that I paid taxes while I was in Korea.

My question is: What about the year 2012? The year isn't finished yet, so how will I be able to get proof to show that I paid taxes in Korea for 9 months (January until September)?
When does your school do your taxes in the year that you leave? I'm assuming it is all done the following January... but how can I obtain those documents?

Anybody have any experience in this?