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    • May 30, 2011, 01:17:38 pm
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Hey! So like everyone else, my students over it at this point and they need something fun to keep them engaged and interested. So, I made this PPT and handout as something fun to do in the last couple of weeks before vacation. I've attached the PPT and handout that I made so you just have to open all of the youtube videos and have them ready to go. :-)

Here's the general idea of the class plan:

1. make 7 groups (this is up to you if you want to do the group aspect of it or not and how many groups you want)
2. PPT- learn new vocab
3- pass out handout and one white board/marker/eraser set to each group
4- activity: the class will watch act #1 together. Each group must collectively decide if they want to X the act. If 4 or more groups show an X, I'll cancel the act before it finishes. Then we'll fill out the handout for act #1 together (but each student must complete theirs individually.) Repeat this for acts 2-5.

here are the 5 videos I'm using. One is from the X factor, not America's got talent but, mey, oh well.

1. dancers- start at 0:35-2:45

2. group singers start at 1:28-3:50

3. sword swallower start at 0:35-2:40

4. hip hop dancer/ contortionist start at 2:05-3:30

5. opera singer start at 1:40-3:25

have fun with it!! the kids should love this, I think! :-)

I hope you can use this! Have a great last couple of weeks and fantastic vacation!!!!
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