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Camp materials pay, need document.
« on: July 19, 2012, 12:12:26 pm »
I looked and I could not find exactly what I need on the forum.
I am teaching a few summer camps as my school is allowed to move staff between the sister schools.
Most camps are paying us for generating camp materials and day travel expenses.
One school refuses to pay me for generating camp materials unless I can show them the passage or policy that states that we can get paid for making camp material. I don't want to ask the other camps what paper work they are filling out to get our pay as that could be rude and make everyone uncomfortable.

I'm working under the DMOE if that is any help. Does anyone know the English or Korean site or document that I need to give to my boss to get the pay.


Re: Camp materials pay, need document.
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2012, 09:36:03 am »
My understanding is that public schools get extra money to run summer camps from the DMOE.
For the other schools that are paying me the additional cash, I had to make lesson plans and handouts, the standard requirement is to produce 10 pages of material to get the maximum pay. The lesson plans as far as I can tell, were  submitted by the camp organizer with other documents such as the camp day plan and additional funds were secured.

Last spring I made a guide book for this schools camp and received cash but there was a different head teacher.  Now they want me to do the same work with a very specific theme for free.  I know that this school has sent in applications for funding for this camp as they contacted me for additional information for their forms. I think they just have not filled out every form they could.

 In addition I got 10 000 won travel expenses and 10 000 won food expenses per day which I'm not getting this time.

The head teacher for this camp is really new in this job and is too lazy to read the guide book, so we have had other problems with him making mistakes. His response when I mentioned the precedent, was to tell me  I had to produce the necessary forms for him to fill in or show where it is written down and then I can get the cash that is due to me. He wont bother looking for them himself.
As this camp is in a sister school, its impossible to refuse to do this work.
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