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Boss is MIA - missing in action
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So, I'm posting a thread about my boss because he suddenly became evasive, tired often, red-eyed, lazy, depressed, and occasionally prone to bursts of anger. This all happened over the last two months. He was never like that when I first came.   He even showed up to school once when I pestered him to deal with a contract issue hungover and looking like a slob.  He continually avoids showing up to work because he deals with other issues for his many other companies. Here is the lowdown:

I work at an eikawa conversation school in a small, rural town in Japan.  This past Sunday I taught my last day of school because I am going home to the states on Friday to recover from an accident for which I spent fifteen days in the hospital.

Since I gave my notice of leave two weeks ago, the following stuff has happened in addition to some pretty annoying stuff that I discovered when I was taken to the hospital:

-When I went to the hospital about four weeks after I arrived in Japan, I discovered that the documents that my boss has collected for my visa had never been properly submitted.  In Japan, you need a CEO, which is your boss getting papers for you that state he wants you to work for him and he will sponsor your working visa.  He never submitted my documents for the CEO despite my repeated attempts to see how long it would take for my CEO to finish processing beyond the four week minimum processing time.

- At the hospital I discovered that no one applied for my insurance, which I would have gotten after my visa paperwork was processed.  I'm still in a heck of a mess trying to get the driver of the car who hit me to pay for my hospital stay, because I have no Japanese insurance and my global insurance from back home is having trouble collecting documents to receive pay.

- My monthly salary, and that of the other employees, has been late last month.  The school has since closed after I gave my notice of leave, and all employee pay has been late by at least a day.  There is no clear indication when we will get our pay.  The oldest of the two secretaries at school is friends with my boss's mother, and she called her to see when we would get our pay.   Apparently my boss's mother had trouble reaching her son, which spells disaster for his employees.

- My boss shut off his phone and will not answer any of my calls.  I had to email him yesterday about everything I need to do before I leave on Friday: pay the bills, return my borrowed internet, and somehow deal with my apartment rent that I wasn't able to pay because I spent two thirds of June in the hospital with a cracked back and a compressed/not connected spine.  He responded with a very poorly grammatically structured, hastily written email saying that he was sorry about my pay and that he had miscommunication with various parties about the salary pay (the reason I'm complaining about my boss's grammar is that he spent at least six or seven years in the United States and his English is pretty good.  To suddenly read his email like that made me think he didn't care one iota for my predicament). 

He also hinted that the eldest secretary at school has to deal with my pay and my bills.  It's not the secretary's job, and she's refusing to do it. Getting the secretary to contact my boss has been the quickest way to resolve issues about my pay and anything relating to my hospital stay, though.  However, my boss is treating the secretary really poorly, so she refuses to help me anymore. 

- I was going to leave some money behind for my boss so he could pay my bills, but I finally contacted him about that and he said, "No.  I don't feel comfortable doing that.  I'll just take your apartment rent, your bill money, your internet fee, and any other fees out of your insurance money from the accident."

However, I won't get my accident money until after I leave Japan.  That much is clear.  I'm really afraid my boss will deduct some weird fee from my insurance money before it gets wired to my bank.  For example, he didn't tell me that he was taking my hospital admittance fee out of my salary for the one week I worked in June before the accident.  I found out from the secretary that my boss just took the money out without telling me.  Granted, it was only like, sixty bucks, but, still, I was annoyed.

I set up a meeting with my boss this morning to deal with the internet and anything else that needs to be paid before I leave Japan.  I also need to sign some insurance papers today.  If my boss doesn't show up today, what options are left to me? I'm hesitant to go to immigration or the labor board because I found out that, due to my visa issue, I'd worked my one month at school illegally.  Any other suggestions?

I'm really afraid I won't get paid for those two weeks I worked after I got cleared by the doctor to do office work.  Those weeks were not good for my spine, so I really want my money.

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Re: Boss is MIA - missing in action
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Thanks for spelling out what MIA means there tips.

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Re: Boss is MIA - missing in action
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get a lawyer. if your boss is having some financial problems I wouldnt trust him with a big lump sum pay out to be then wired to you overseas. He may be a nice guy whatever but you gotta CYA- cover your ass(ests). IF you get an insurance pay out, hope u do, get it wired directly or to a lawyer. Don't pay your bills, just my opinion, tell your landlord to collect with your boss. If you havent gotten paid, have your boss deduct your bills then send you the money left over. Don't leave your boss money, if he owes you your last paycheck. Again I am sure he is a nice guy and all, but there are some red flags and you being a foreigner who is leaving the country leaves you kind of open to any screwed overness that may be forthcoming. hope it all works out for you and a speedy recovery.

PS get a lawyer