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Been Here Two Weeks And I Help!!!
« on: July 15, 2012, 01:54:53 pm »
Hi all!

I have taught in Korea before, so it is not all new to me, but getting called into the office to speak with the director two weeks into my stint is. The director told me that 97% of my students have complained to her and their parents that my classes are boring. I have heard that the teacher before me taught for 15 to 20 minutes and then played games for the rest of the fifty minute class. The majority of the students are using the Let's Go series. The Cd's do not work in any of the CD players we have, so I cannot use that component. What have those of you who use the Let's Go series been doing to entertain/motivate the students.

Thanks ahead of time. I hope I posted this in the right forum. :)


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Re: Been Here Two Weeks And I Help!!!
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if they want games give them games :)
I did use the lets go series a long time ago but i cant really remember much about it now
use games from boggles world,       is a good one if you have access to a computer and a screen in front of the class, the kids go NUTS and you can input all the questions and answers from what ever book you are using

wordsearch puzzles that you generate yourself with the help of the following link, this is good for learning new vocab and spelling
MES English, was good too, lots of stuff out there, do the book, then have some fun, bums on seats and kids enjoying themselves seems to be the priority in your Hagwon :)

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Re: Been Here Two Weeks And I Help!!!
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Check out it's 20 bucks for a year and has so many games/things to do. 
If they want Funucation (fun plus education) do it.  Play games.

Less complaints = happy boss = better time at work.  Easy game!
It's -ev to deal with some people.

Re: Been Here Two Weeks And I Help!!!
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Thanks all for your posts. I am familiar with the web-sites like boogle. :) I found the teacher's guides in the office. They have been the most helpful. I appreciate all the posts.


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Re: Been Here Two Weeks And I Help!!!
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I used to photocopy the vocab pages and create flash cards for allt he words/phrases. I would make double sets so that we could play matching games. You could also search online for premade flashcards with the same words, or, if you are ok to spend a bit of money, but the Lets Go series offical flashcards and/or student cards. Do a google search for games with flashcards. TONS of stuff to do with them and will keep the kiddies playing happily for hours! Then follow up with some puzzles/pictionary and other simple games to practice using the vocabulary.