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Class on Korean Holidays
« on: December 08, 2011, 07:26:39 am »
Review/Discussion: (5-10 minutes)

Powerpoint: This is about Holidays.  It teaches the children the adjective clause.  It reviews all the national holidays celebrated in Korea.

   Slide One: Title –“Holidays”
   Slide Two: Ask what is a Holiday and answers three categories of holidays.
   Slide Three: Have students think of things associated with Christmas and practice with partner.  Then ask a couple of students for their answers.
   Slide Four: Have students practice the adjective clause.  Answer the follow questions with their partner and then take it up as a class.
   Slide Five: Have students brainstorm about all Korean National Holidays.
Slide Six to fifteen: Discuss each holiday briefly.  Broken into Solar and Lunar holidays.
Slide Sixteen: “Activity” Have students create their own holiday. 
   Holiday must include:
   Name, Date, and two additional characteristics.  Show example on slide.

Slide Seventeen: (If Time) Quick game.  Make children split into small groups.  Give them a holiday that was discussed.  Then they must come up with three clues arranged hardest to least.  Then have them say one clue at a time.  If they solve the holiday after one clue they get three points.  Depending on how many groups, you can give each group more than one holiday.
Review/Reflection: (5 minutes)