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Any long-timers here might be into not only KPop but also Korean Folk music as well.

Koreans, as well as a few foreigners, have a penchant for buying 트로트 CDs at traditional markets and at highway rest stops.

So far, I've only got a couple throat tunes:

T-ara's remake of Nami's "빙글빙글 (Round & Round)" which is a classic.

Hong Jin Young's "Love Battery"

Re: Your Favorite 트로트 Korean Country, Folk Artists & Songs
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T-ara's remake of Nami's "빙글빙글 (Round & Round)" which is a classic.

To me, what made the original 빙글빙글 a good song was the spontaneous and organic feeling it had, since it was played by a live band. I don't enjoy T-ara anyway, but the fact that their remake is electronically sequenced makes the whole song boring, in my opinion. It's too stilted and rigid rhythmically to be fun to listen to. But thanks to the movie "Sunny", most of my students appreciate the original song anyway, and I don't get the "Teacher, music so old" reaction that I would from playing virtually any other music from this time period...