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Re: Camp Cooking - Recipes and Teaching Materials
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Thank you!  ;D

Re: Camp Cooking - Recipes and Teaching Materials
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ok i just deleted my previous posts and put it all here.

1. Microwave chocolate chip cookies
2. Microwave Mug Choc Cake
3. Microwave Pizza Mug *just made's good

I tried out all these recipes and they're great!! i mean..they dont suck... :)
#1 Microwave chocolate chip cookies
I did this with giving one recipe to 2 students (halved the recipe so they could make their own small batch otherwise it's tooo much) and it wasn't bad. The taste was alright and so was the texture even though it doesn't have that "golden" look.

Just don't make HUGE cookies. And if they still don't look all finished, take out the ones that are done, let them cool down and keep microwaving the rest in 30sec -1min intervals.

#2 Chocolate Mug Cake
2 TB of: milk, butter/oil (u gotta melt it first), sugar, cocoa powder, 3 TB of flour, and a couple pinches of baking powder (if you add too much b. powder, the taste is strange), a pinch of salt
optional: mix in mini choc chips :P

microwave for 70 sec in the microwave.

#3 Pizza Mug
3 TB flour
2 TB milk
2 tsp oil
1/2 tsp b. powder
pinch of salt
tomato sauce

Mix everything together EXCEPT CHEESE & SAUCE! Add a generous amount of sauce and cheese on top.
Microwave for 70 - 85 seconds (no more then that imo)

Re: Camp Cooking - Recipes and Teaching Materials
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This is a brief explanation ppt on how to make s'mores. I didn't include any vocabulary slides because this was made in a last minute rush. Papago was used for the translations and I did not get them checked over by my coteacher, so I can't guarantee their accuracy.