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    • June 18, 2012, 08:21:01 am
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Hi there! So I have been placed in Gwangju in August. I'm an American citizen living in Canada on a Permanent Resident visa. I was told I could get my visa affixed in Toronto, but I was wondering about the criminal background checks. It says I must bring one that was issued in Ontario or Manitoba... so is this just a copy of my Canadian RCMP background check? Or do I need another original? Should I also bring a copy of my FBI check/apostille? (The originals are all in Korea with EPIK) Any help is appreciated, as nobody is answering the phone at the consulate :/


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Re: US Citizen getting E2 Visa in Toronto (EPIK)--additional crc needed?
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Nobody can answer except the visa officer at the K-onsulate in Toronto. The visa officer (that day) is a K who may (or may not... if their sex life is good) deny your application on the basis you do not have "originals". The visa officer can change what is required 'at will' based on the size of your nose. No notice is required... and anything published is meaningless because it is instantly 'out of date'... because that was in the past.

I know the above from personal experience at the Vancouver Consulate while switching (PS) jobs in 2007 -
VO: "Where's your original degree."
CM: "It's in Korea."
VO: "You must have original degree."
CM: "It's not on the list of required documents the Gyeongsangnam-do POE gave me... your Consulate website... or, the person I talked to on the phone yesterday before spending half a day travelling here from Victoria."
VO: "We change rules yesterday... can you get your original degree?"
CM: "Okay... I'll zip over to Changwon and be right back. What time do you close?"
VO: "I think maybe you make fun of me."
CM: "Yes... sorry."
VO: "You must have original degree."
CM: "It's in Korea... at the Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Office of Education. I can't get my 'original' degree. How can we solve this problem?"
VO: "Can you phone them and have it sent to you?
CM: "I guess... but then I will be late for the start of my new contract. Why don't you phone them and have them fax you a copy?"
VO: (I could 'see' the little hamster running in it's wheel... powering the light bulb that went 'on' above her head) "Maybe that will work."
CM: "I'm sure it will... thanks."

Take all that you have... and pray (I'm not religious... but it can't hurt).  ;)

Good luck.  ;D
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The Ks once gave me five minutes notice. I didn't know what to do with the extra time.

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Re: US Citizen getting E2 Visa in Toronto (EPIK)--additional crc needed?
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cruisemonkey is right.  The answer can change depending on mood and time of day.

Still  for most Canadian CRC checks it has to be checked against the National Database.  Each province is under a different Korean consulate.  Which consulate will allow is a little different.  Plus information provided on consulate site may be vague.

The best bet is to try.  Being a Canadian Resident who is American it looks like you have some hassles.  Two checks to do.  Well maybe you can get a way with just FBI as you are American.  Get the Canadian one just in case.  Since I never worked with EPIK maybe they require one from each country.  Has EPIK asked you to get one?  Have you been given a confirmation of your visa?

If you already have an RCMP check, great.  Still you need to get it verified by Korean Consulate.  Plus it should be 6 months or less from date of issue.  It needs to be verified by the Consulate as Canada can not apostille documents.  It doable to do by mail.  Check the consulates website.

If you do not have a check from somewhere in Canada then...
Go into your local police or RCMP detachment and get "Name Check".  Not all city or provincial police checks are easy.  For example in Calgary I could send in and get from overseas.  But Edmonton, not a chance.  Careful some places will say go get fingerprints and usually that means RCMP and that takes months.

I think it is okay for your visa to be affixed in another country.  A few years ago not doable, now it is.  All, I think you need is a visa confirmation number.  Maybe EPIK is different a little.
Please consider adding some info to your "Personal Text"  Like type of school, visa status, county of origin.  These little bits of info can help people help you.