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grammar darts
« on: November 13, 2007, 03:30:39 pm »
I was given a magnetic dart board from the owner of a bar in Seoul.  (Similar ones can be bought at Homeplus for $14 - your school may buy one.  It's a good way to kill time on office classes, too. lol..)  I decided to make a game out of it.
I just finished my grade one middle school book and decided to review grammar tenses and making future, past, present and present continuous(progressive) sentences.   
First I reviewed the tenses. 
Next, I had the students write some sentences for each tense.
Then comes the fun part. Introduce the basics of darts- triples, doubles and bullseye.
To add a twist,  I let them throw three darts, if they wanted.  But, the last dart thrown would be their score.  If they threw a bullseye on the first dart they could stop and have a score of 50.  If they threw a 2, they could throw another dart and get the score of the second dart, even if it was lower than their first dart.  I let them throw a total of three darts with the final dart being their score, not the highest scoring dart.  The student has to decide when to stop.  It made it more interesting and the students really liked seeing someone throw their third dart, missing the board, and receiving a score of zero.  (made for a few good laughs)   
Now comes the grammar part.  In three boxes, I had nouns, verbs and tenses. 
In the first round, have the students pick a noun and a tense.  They must make a sentence with the noun and that tense.  If they make a proper sentence using the noun and the tense, their team gets the points from the final dart thrown.
During round 2, they can pick a verb and a tense and make  a sentence with them. 
For the final round, I let them make a sentence using only a tense.    The students were very eager to throw a dart, eventhough they knew they had to make a sentence afterwards. 
This was a fun game and it can be easily adapted for other lessons.  You just need a board.
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