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    • December 01, 2010, 03:00:28 pm
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« on: May 30, 2012, 02:43:03 pm »
Ladies and gentleman, a fellow expat needs help. Itís a long story but suffice to say that Peter J Venter has cancer. Korean doctors feel they can give him a few more years rather than only a few months, he desperately wants to live and if he canít pay the hospital admission fee (which was supposed to be paid today) he wonít be getting his life extending operation. He will not be admitted tomorrow as planned unless we make a plan. He has exhausted his own funds paying for tests, scans and medicine. I was horrified to hear that he has been skipping meals, sometimes for days, so that he can afford his medicine.

As you may have heard there is an urgent drive to collect as much money as is possible but contributions have been dismally low. Maybe it has something to do with people planning vacations or payday or something like that. Usually the Korean expat communities are able to mobilize and collect enormous sums of money really fast. However, this time we have only raised W930,000. This is a pitiful amount considering how much is needed.

Any help that any of you could give now or in the near future would be much appreciated. An account has been set up by the hospital just for Peter Ė these funds cannot be used for anything other than his hospital bill. A Paypal account has been set up to make it easy for contributors from overseas to make donations.

For further information you can have a look at / or join the following groups - or

Donation options
Paypal -

KEB Bank (Korea Exchange Bank) 외환은행
Account #: 900 - 254192 - 001
Account holder: 서울아산병원
(English transaltion is:  외환은행 = Korea Exchange Bank ; 서울아산병원 = Seoul Asan Hospital/Medical Centre)
If you make a donation to the KEB account could you e-mail Michael Atkins (Peterís friend) and let him know the details as he wants to keep track of what the hospital is receiving. His e-mail address: If you join either of the groups mentioned above you can leave the information in teh docs / files section.

The potential to raise money is so great if everyone just gives a little. It is money we wouldn't even miss. When will any of us get the chance to help someone, who seems to have such a will to live, to live a bit longer just by doing some internet banking. From what I understand this could be the difference between the hospital agreeing to do the operation or not and Peter being admitted tomorrow or not. If you can only afford W5,000 today because pay day hasn't come yet please don't think it is too small an amount. Every little bit counts right now and could get this man into the hospital tomorrow.

Please try and help if you can.
Thank you!