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2x degree and 2x criminal record check????
« on: May 10, 2012, 05:32:35 pm »
Sorry if this has been discussed before, I'm rubbish at searching, I did try honest...

Right so I've blown all the money I made in Korea last time so I'm making plans to come back...  :-[ ...

Is it really true that you need 2x original degree certificate both with apostille and 2 x crim record check both with apostille?
Thats a lot of apostilling

Seems pretty harsh or do they just mean the original and a notarized photocopy? which is what I sent last time I think.. is the new vetting process? if you can be arsed to bother getting all these documents apostilled then you must be a fine upstanding citizen with no facial hair.

Wont the police think I'm a bit mental if I ask for 2 criminal record checks?

I usually don't count the pennies too much but its gonna cost over 200 quid to get all this stuff.. ouch.

my recruiter said it was a recent thing.. Anyone applied recently and knows what's going on?