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GEPIK renewal leave (vacation) question
« on: May 10, 2012, 08:07:17 am »
(tried to search for this question before I asked)

I want to re-sign with my school, my first contract ends Sept. 1.
I would like to able to take the 14 day renewal leave during the summer break in August, but my contract states this:
Article 10-4
"Employee should be giving a 14 day renewal leave which is additional, beyond the yearly paid leave. Renewal leave must be taken during the vacation periods not conflicting with school schedules within 6 months from first date of renewal contract"

So my school says I must wait until winter break to go home.

I still have vacation days left in summer as well, 7 to use with the holidays and weekends to make a 12 day vacation. If my school won't let me use the renewal leave now, but let's me use my vacation days to travel home- can I use the flight reimbursement? Can I use my 14 days renewal leave for travel to another country, or does it have to be my home country?"

Article 10-5
"In the event a renewing Employee travels to his/her country, the Employee shall be reimbursed for his/her round trip airfare based on economy class flight....within 2 weeks upon return to Korea"

I am willing to talk with my school, I just want to get my facts straight before I present my case to them.

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Re: GEPIK renewal leave (vacation) question
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2012, 08:15:56 am »
 You'll get a minimum of two calender weeks. If you didn't use up all your paid vacation you should be able to add it onto your two calender weeks. When you took your previous vacation weekends and holidays did not count for example if you spent you holiday in Thailand weekends and holidays Chinese new year don't count as official vacation days.

 According to the new contract you will only get a maximum of two million in airfare see. The rest comes out of your own pocket