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You know you're a real Seoulite when...
« on: May 07, 2012, 06:53:28 am »
I recently found this article in the San Francisco Chronicle about examples of what it means to be a Berkeleyite or San Franciscan. As someone who lived in both cities for a while I can attest to a few of the claims.

"Know there's a stretch of Vermont Street on Potrero Hill that is more crooked than Lombard's famous twisty bit. (Douglas Zimmerman / SF Gate)"
"Won’t spend more than $5 on a dinner burrito... "
"Know all the Muni routes by heart."

So I was wondering what you guys would say to having lived in Seoul for some time. I will contribute mine and hope you can contribute better!

- Remember when the subway stations had no "wind" "suicide" walls and everything was a windy mess when a train came in (especially Dongdaemun station)..
- Know where the best kimbop place in your neighborhood is, even if it means walking an extra five minutes.
- Have seen your favorite Mom and Pop coffee shop turn into a cell phone store, later to turn into a pharmacy.
- Remember the beef protests.
- Remember when Insadong still looked and felt more like traditional Korea.

I'm sure you can do better! Please post in good spirits ;)  :P