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Hi everyone...

I've always been an outdoorsy person in terms of activities I like to do. Rock climbing, hiking and the like, but right now I really want to get into kayaking. I know Korea isn't excactly amazing but I'm looking to buy a kayak and just go out onto a lake for a day and mess around.

I'd also like to get my stars and eventually teach youngsters how to kayak and stuff.

So how would I go about getting my stars and teaching courses, and also where can I get a good kayak that doesnt cost an arm and a leg

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I know of a few places in Gangwondo, but not off the top of my head. They don't really do training courses however. If you just want to kayak or river raft you can do it.

I'll try and find more information. I know the local city areas are Inje and Yeongwol.

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Try getting a hold of these guys:

I haven't gone out with them yet, but I read an article about them that said they can do some training in English.  I e-mailed them last summer about a weekend intro kayaking course, and they responded in English, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll probably go out with them this summer. They're in Inje, Gangwondo (inland from Sokcho).  That whole Inje area is quite beautiful, but as codetornado mentioned above, I'd also look into Yeongwol.  I went whitewater rafting there a couple of years ago and think it would probably be a pretty good river for kayaking.

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Wouldn't the docks on the Han River at Tteukseum Resort in eastern Seoul have some kayaking.  I know there is windsurfing near there.

It would help us to know where the OP lives.

There's at least one outfit along the upper Nakdong near the Hapcheon Dam, one of the hottest areas of the country. 

Just about any resevoir would have a ski area where you could launch from.

One of my favorites is Andong Lake and I've seen one advertised on the southeastern side of Busan.  North of Daegu there's the Chilgeok area with a nice resevoir as well.

Ask your co-teacher to get on Daum or Naver and search for water sports clubs around Korea.

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You want the Gangnam Canoe Club which is at Tteukseom.

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I'm not sure where you're based but we just did some kayaking off Namhae this weekend. It was beautiful. Here's a link some info about it

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Namhae?  I'd hate to be attacked by a shark or something and have it end my contract in Korea,,,much less my life. ;D

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You should join "seoul hiking group" on facebook... we will go to Namhae and you can go kayaking.

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SO far no word on Yeongwol. I have seen people there in Kayaks, but haven't found a place that does rentals/guides.

I'll keep at it.

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The Kayaking in Namhae [as mentioned in a previous post] is great. They guy, Julio, is really helpful. Just bear in mind that there seem to be no shops of anykind nearby so arrive with lots of drinking water and gimbab!

A cab there from Namhae eup cost me and my friends 20k total but all worth it. The island of 노도 ranks as one of the most obscure places I have ever visited in Korea.

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If you're looking for more of an 'extreme' (as in a few small rapids) type kayaking, Naerincheon in Inje is a good place to go.  On the other hand if you want something a bit more cruisey there's some famous places to do it in Cheolwon. Both places are 1.5-2hrs from Seoul so it's not too far out and an easily do-able day trip.