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ESL TEFL Certifications..what to choose....???
« on: May 03, 2012, 11:24:43 am »
Hello! I have recently moved to Pyeongtaek-si, S. Korea and am hoping to teach soon enough. Just got the ball rolling on the background check. And now looking at ESL/TEFL Certs. There are soooo many! Any suggestions on which ones are the best? Thanks in advance!

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Re: ESL TEFL Certifications..what to choose....???
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Check here,689.0.html

It is a huge thread on what courses people have taken, their costs and thoughts on the programs.

I did the 120 hour course through ITTT with the tutor option.  It didn't take too long and ended up paying for itself in about three months because of the pay bump.  If you are just looking for the pay increase, online is fine.  However, if you are thinking about teaching ESL overseas for a longer period of time or thinking of making it a , you might want to consider a program with an in-class or observed teaching component, like a CELTA.  They are a lot more expensive but open up a new world of teaching options in other countries.