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Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
« on: April 25, 2012, 01:28:44 pm »
Hi I understand I have a few questions about places in Jeolloanmdo. I can take a job in Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon. I do not think I will try to get another place around Suwon. I want a nice place. I want a place I can walk around or take a slow beach cruiser bike ride on. I do not think Yeosu is nice for swimming. I read it has some factories and kind of a big harbor. Is it true: swim=bad there? I think they are all about the same climate. But, maybe Yeosu has more ocean type rain or cold. I want a place that is kinda small and has nice countryside for a scooter ride and picnic. But I do want to make some nice friends too. I also like parks and a movie house. I like a greenway to walk or see. Seoul has a nice river path. I have been on the Kwangju river walk too. But those are big cities. You put your life in the hands of crazy drivers on a scooter or there. Also western people in Kwangju are stuck up. They act like I am not there.
Which place do you think is best. I kind of don't want to take a bus all the way to that area to see it.

The one city looks like a horseshoe one is the Gwangyang seems to have a waterside but I am doubting on the beaches... have you been to a ice beach there?
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Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
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I've been to Suncheon and Yeosu, not a huge fan of either because there's not much really going on. They are so close to eachother though it wouldn't matter which one you lived in. I guess the dragon cave in Yeosu is...kind of cool, good view and what not. They will have that massive aquarium done in Yeosu in May ready for that expo too.
If you want a legit country city with a nice beach go to Gangneung, Sokcho or even Yang Yang. Those are north east coast though.

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Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
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I've lived in all 3 cities. Each has it's own 'flair' and unique pluses and minuses.
Gwangyang is small and has a pretty tight foreigner community, and the local K-league franchise. They basically throw tickets at people. Being small and out-of-the-action, most of the fun is elsewhere and so it is a bit tricky to move around the country from Gwangyang. BUT, you can go direct to Japan via ferry. Lots of hilly countryside and interesting festivals.
Weird side bonus #1: There are a lot of foreigners working at the factory, and a lot of South Africans. The local nickname is "North Cape Town".
Weird side bonus #2: You will see weird things here. You won't even have to look for it- weirdness will find you.

Suncheon used to have a damn good Mexican bar (with occasional nudity and barroom brawls) but it's gone now so the nitelife has gone down a bit in excitement. There's a lot to do here, and it's a great place for people who like to exercise outdoors. It's blowing up big time so the little city charm is disappearing. Traffic here does back up quite a bit. The foreigner community is said to be cliquish due to the hiring periods for the public schools, but I haven't noticed it to be that way. The local nickname is "Vancouver West" or something like that.
Weird side bonus #1: A major event is coming to town in 2013- a Garden Expo. So you'll see a lot of stuff being built/rebuilt/cleaned up around town, especially the area around the marshland.
Weird side bonus #2: Suncheon is the biggest city, land mass wise, in Korea. The countryside is quite extensive and a challenge to explore.
Weird side bonus #3: Some guy in the art district is supposedly making a statue of Iron Man.

Yeosu. Oh Yeosu- so big yet so narrow. It's a bit tricky to navigate by car at first because the roads follow the coastline and go through mountain tunnels. This means you get lost a lot at first. The foreign community is easy to spot on Facebook and around the two downtown neighborhoods. Traffic here is bad, bad, bad. You'll see a lot of churches, so if someone says "turn right at the church" they're probably messing with you. Yeosu has a lot to see and experience, including a nigh-abandoned museum that holds a North Korean sub that was sunk 10 years ago.
The beaches on the east side of the harbor will probably be the dirtiest, but the beaches and tidal flats on the southwest and northwest side will usually be picturesque. If you like islands then you'll like Yeosu- the place has got a dozen or so that you can visit by ferry or car.
Weird side bonus #1: One of the foreigner friendly bars has a deep sea fishing club.
Weird side bonus #2: The Expo will only last this year, but a few of the Expo buildings (and the island that was always there) will still be there. The island is called Odongdo, which the locals nickname "the Big O". The Expo grounds also have a building shaped like a big O. All they need is a giant black robot and they've got all the double entrendres covered.

At some point the 3 cities are supposed to merge into 1 combined Yeosu city, so everything I told you may be moot soon.

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Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2012, 05:57:59 am »
Anichion's breakdown is good and accurate. I don't know Yeosu too well but live on the Gwangyang/Suncheon border. Important to note on Gwangyang is that the city is kindof divided in two both physically and culturally. There's Gwangyang Eup_ which is older, a little bit shot out but kindof cool in an old lady with bucket of weird vegetables kind of way and has a great stretch of river park and a gianormous public swimming pool. Gwangyangs other half_Jungmadong, is the factory half Anichion mentioned. For my money Suncheon is a great city to live in_ enough action to keep ya busy but not overly big cityish. Great food in Suncheon too_ though Gwangyang and Yeosu score high marks there as well....

Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2012, 11:52:14 am »
I think Yeosu sounds bad for traffic. Maybe Suncheon is the best. I do not want to sound snotty. But, I do not want to be in a city with a lot of factory workers. Maybe I need to lighten up and not assume they all will steal my beach cruiser when I park it at the BBQ place.  Gwanyang has factories and a ferry harbor therefore it has no good swimming beaches?

Just to keep this fair you can mention temples too and local atheist clubs if you like. But, can you tell me of the place that has a big English speaking church there? I will go to the deep sea fishing bar too, but after not before ;D

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Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
« Reply #5 on: May 02, 2012, 12:57:13 am »
I think both Suncheon and Yeosu have an English speaking church, but you'll have to track down actual members in regards to sizes. I think Suncheon's is the more well known of the ones in the area.

Gwangyang doesn't really have ocean beaches, but it does have river beaches (out by Daap village and Hadong county) and swimming holes. the river current is hella strong and I wouldn't recommend swimming there. As far as the factory goes, the workers are mainly in the company island of Taein and Jechol. They won't steal your bike, but they might steal your time.
Pollution is a factor here and in Yeosu, what with all the steel, refinery, and weapons plants around the area.

The best beaches in the area are in Namhae (1 hour away) and Wando (2+ hours away), though Yeosu has decent beaches away from the factory zones. Suncheon has one hard-to-find beach, but that's about it as far as swimming goes.

Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
« Reply #6 on: May 02, 2012, 12:34:42 pm »
Cool Gwangyang has the swimming hole. Suncheon has a hard to find beach. And Y has some good ones. I guess I may try to live in Yeosu then, unless I get a Jeju college job. Thanks!

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Re: Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?
« Reply #7 on: May 02, 2012, 01:30:57 pm »
You think Gwangju people are stuck up?  REALLY?!  I've lived here for over three years in Gwangju and I've found the people to be awesome and friendly.  You're right though, I'm sure you've met all of the hundreds of Gwangju expats and they were all total losers.
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