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Housing issues (SMOE/EPIK)
« on: May 02, 2012, 01:59:18 pm »
 ??? I just moved into my apartment and noticed how dirty the place was. Although the previous GET gave them a month notice, she didn't clean the apartment and left a lot of junk, such as personal hygiene products, dirty dishes, bed sheets, the t.v. doesn't work, the bathroom lights and the ventilator is not working, and there is still food in the refrigerator, oh and one of the refrigerator drawers is broken!

I'm from the United States, now is that normal for new tenants in Korea to move into a dirty apartment?

I have mentioned about the broken bathroom ventilator, the lights not working, etc to my co-teacher and all she said to me is uh-huh, uh-huh (she speaks English, so she does understand me). She told me that if I wanted it fixed, I would have to PAY for it.

I'm obviously irritated to hear such words especially when I came into this apartment with damages already.
Is it possible for me to bring it up to SMOE/EPIK

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Re: Housing issues (SMOE/EPIK)
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2012, 02:21:45 pm »
My tenant left the regular time and there was still much cleaning to do. It took me about a month to get the apartment to get to what I would consider a normal and clean standard, but such is life. (Though it is normal for Koreans to leave the apartment dirty after they move out- it is seen as the responsibility of the new tenant to clean it).

My best advice to you is to ask your landlord about the lights and drawer, as for the rest I guess you are left to clean it or just hire a cleaner to do it.

The school can not be held accountable for the former actions of the NSET.

Re: Housing issues (SMOE/EPIK)
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2012, 02:31:41 pm »
Sticky situation...

I think this calls for choosing your battles carefully.

The state of the apartment- probably a bit of a fail on your school's part (not so much your landlord as the tenant didn't technically change- usually when that happens they hire a cleaner) but this is definitely not unheard of in Korea. Clean it up, accept it

But the broken's a bit rough to be expected to pay for that. That should come out of your previous NSETs housing allowance (if the landlord is not responsible for them. Sometimes in Korea that's a grey area too. My landlord fixes everything, although it's all been very minor, but my CT's landlord wanted him to pay for an appliance that broke 2 weeks after he moved in...they eventually negotiated to 50/50).

I think you are within your rights to keep on talking to your school about all the broken items. I'd keep trying with your CT before you head to someone else, make sure there isn't anyway you can get them to help you. It might start your year off on a bad note if you end up pissing your liason off.
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Re: Housing issues (SMOE/EPIK)
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2012, 10:54:03 pm »
I do not think ur school will fry u. but you can write down everything broke in it. also write down that it is dirty. then give it to a teacher or landlord to sign. then if u want to be a horses end you can leave it the same way. that is if you want to fry the next teacher. also they can not charge you for broke stuff if u have this record.

1st thing i do is put some toxic waste stuff on the pooper :laugh: :o.  never know hat kind of sleep around buggy teacher was there before. but yeah do not bother about it. fight over better stuff. fight for vacation. fight for classroom control. dont fight on a broken drawer  :-X
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Re: Housing issues (SMOE/EPIK)
« Reply #4 on: May 05, 2012, 12:17:34 am »
I'm from the United States, now is that normal for new tenants in Korea to move into a dirty apartment?

Yes... welcome to K-land (the K doesn't stand for Kansas).  :D

When one moves into an aparta, the chance is about 90% it will have been vacated by a previous tenant who has: dark hair, epithelial folds on their eyelids and thinks cockroaches are pets; or, a psychotic waegook (who never moved out his parent's basement while getting his B.A.) before moving to Korea and has turned the apartment into a bio hazard zone.  :o
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