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Here's the deal:

Our 2012 GEPIK contract clearly states in Article 11 that 1)renewal leave must be taken within 6 months of the contract, for 14 continuous days that do not conflict with the school schedule 2)In the event the employee does NOT return to their hometown they will still receive the equivalent airfare as if they had

It NEVER states that the employee has to go somewhere or IF they do that the school should or can reimburse that flight instead.

Apparently my school is incapable of reading the contract?!

They're telling me that I have to be reimbursed for a real flight that's taken they can't just give me equivalent money for a flight home. This is bullsh*t. And it's like the umpteenth time they've given me bs over a contract issue. I honestly think the admin lady  must hate me or something.

So please, can anyone tell me what your schools have done in order to give you the equivalent flight money without you actually taking a flight? Has anyone encountered this issue before? The problem seems to be that they believe it's impossible to issue money without a receipt. I.E. they can only reimburse and actual flight. If I could just tell them what procedure other schools have taken to honor the contract it might help.

In the mean time the district coordinator or whoever my co-teacher is calling as a higher authority, is at lunch or avoiding phone calls. 

So did not need this right now....

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Re: HELP! Issues over receiving flight money for renewal leave
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Yeah, you just get the money whether you go somewhere or not.  The school doesn't even pay for it, it comes from the district.  If they won't budge just contact your district supervisor, they'll clear it up.

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Re: HELP! Issues over receiving flight money for renewal leave
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Orangeman had good advice.

My school searched for flights online with a Korean air carrier and payed the amount quoted.

One thing is that the amount quoted is before tax.
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