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English speaking oriental medical doctor in Daegu
« on: April 02, 2012, 08:55:14 pm »
I did a search but only Western doctors in Daegu came up so I decided to start a new thread for this great clinic I found. Maybe it can help fellow waygookers in need of alternative treatment or holistic care.  It's called Hoo Clinic in downtown Daegu.  I went for treatment on chronic neck pain and ended up getting some cosmetic acupuncture as well.
Dr. Shin and her nurses speak good English and really make you feel comfortable.  She'll explain what she's doing and why it's necessary.  I like the fact that there's a changing room with lockers and you don't have to change behind the curtain in the examining room.  You can lock your valuables as well.

Their number is 053-252-0255 and they're open from 10-6 most days.  Til 8 or 9 on 2 days of the week. I'm not sure exactly which days as I go in the morning before work.