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Re: Breaking lease due to smokers
« Reply #20 on: April 02, 2012, 12:10:31 pm »
Well if you're not willing to be rude, then why bother spraying the air freshener? The whole point was to play the crazy foreigner card.


Another option is to, very politely and while apologizing profusely, explain the situation and ask if they would please, if it's not too much trouble, please maybe consider stepping outside or down to another floor. Spraying stuff in the hall might up the passive-aggressive ante. Politely requesting them to move will annoy them, but they won't be able to refuse without being directly confrontational themselves.

Age is also a big factor here. If the OP is younger and the office workers are older, it's probably better not to start any trouble. But if the OP is older, and the office workers are younger, then just tell them to move.

You're right.  I should have said that OP should definitely ask very politely first (jondaetmal) the first few times.  Also, try the same approach by sticking your head in the office.

IF that doesn't work, proceed with air-freshener.  Don't spray it on/over them.  Do it when they're not there.  Just keep the hall stinky with the stuff.
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Re: Breaking lease due to smokers
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Not really (in this situation).

Especially in this situation! Korean doesn't work like English... talking in banmal to somebody makes you look bad, not the person you're directing your anger at.

Actually, I would say that Korean works exactly like English in this way... being rude never makes one look good.

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Re: Breaking lease due to smokers
« Reply #22 on: April 04, 2012, 09:23:38 am »
If it's illegal, why not call the police?

Re: Breaking lease due to smokers
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Well, in reverse, you can do what a neighbor didn't do at first, which provoked my non-compliant "wrath" then did do, which made me docile like a cow. Leave a note without your name in Korean (like get a co-teacher to write it, nothing too fancy) and ask them not to smoke there. If they keep on with it, flood the place with crappy odor, as stated. IF possible, get a really pungent one and hide it somewhere nearby. Flank the corridor with it. If that doesn't work- well, it's been hypothesized that Koreans find english especially loud for some reason. Crank up that music and place your speakers by the door whenever you hear them nearby. (OR, just whenever the hell you want, since it's multiple residents in that area you have a problem with. Some good n loud metal. maybe some atonal stuff. Philip Glass much? Imagine how it'd strike the gentlemen callers' libidos. I doubt that the police can say much given the culture, especially if you turn it down before they arrive. Me personally, I'm not one to take it while they try n stick it to me. It'll be like college all over again. Throw keggers.)

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Re: Breaking lease due to smokers
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Complain about it to your school. I did when I lived in an "apartment" which had paper thin walls and after waiting for a month I finally found a new apartment I liked and moved in. The school was able to find someone to take over the lease of my old place (it took a month) and everything worked out. I was able to choose my new place, too, which allowed me to find exactly what I wanted (kind of). This may or may not work, but you won't know unless you try. Mention that you have tried to adapt and tell them all the methods you used to somehow prevent the smoke from entering your apartment and that nothing worked. And you should exaggerate your issue a bit and say you had to quit smoking because you were having problems with your lungs, and that continuing to live there would impact your health negatively.

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