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Opening Hours
« on: December 08, 2010, 02:50:51 pm »
In this lesson students will learn:

"when are you open?"
"what days are you closed?"
"how much is admission"

There is an example for Tower Bridge in London so the students can practice asking and answering before the activity. Also eliciting information about tourist sites around your school is a good idea. Once they have practised the dialogue they can play the game.

There is some tourist information on sites in Northern Ireland, most info I have made up (and sorry it's all in dollars, there's no pound key on my keyboard!).

Post the information up outside the classroom. Give a worksheet to each group (they are all in different order on the worksheet and you'll see why once the game starts). Next, one student from each group goes outside and looks at the tourist information for the first place on their worksheet. They get a minute to memorise it then they come back inside. Their group has to get the information from the member who went outside by asking the three questions and they write it down (the student who went outside cannot write anything, they are only allowed to speak).

For the second place on their worksheet, a different student should go outside to get the information.

Repeat until all the tourist sites have been covered.

At the end of the class the groups can look at the information and see how accurately it was reported.

Hope that makes sense! My second graders really liked it as they got to run about a bit and they were speaking a lot.  :P

Re: Opening Hours
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2010, 03:05:42 pm »
I like this style of an activity it gets them to speak. It is very practical. I was thinking of doing a winter camp with useful survival english situations.  I will add some docs when I write them up. I may use this in my lesson as well. Perhaps also the "what do you want to be lesson". 

Other topics I might include:

English to use when checking into a hotel.
English to use when on an train, bus or plane.
English to use in a job interview.
English to use in a restaurant.

I think a powerpoint for a bit with vocab slides and example conversations would be useful, a speaking activity perhaps a crossword, word search or other game to reinforce learned material....Just an idea I am mulling around with, but perhaps this may be too boring for some students?