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Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement?
« on: November 02, 2012, 02:48:23 pm »
Please post your lesson plans and materials for Middle School English 3 by 장영희 Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement? in reply to this thread.

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Re: Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement?
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My co-teacher has asked me to create key words and phrases ppt's for each lesson. This is shown at the introduction of the unit to teach the students the words that they may not know, that they will hear or see in the Speaking/Listening section of the text.

This should take about 5-10 mins to go through, asking students to guess the Korean meaning, discussing different parts of the pictures and reading the sentences aloud.
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Re: Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement?
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We do each chapter over three weeks - one for listening, then listening activities, and then speaking. In some cases I am going to have to combine the listening with the listening activities (imho as it should be) because of time restraints but not for this lesson.

Here's a ppt with pictures and some fleshing out for the listening (Ready? Action!) part. This should be ok for higher or lower levels but feel free to change as needed.

Edit: added in an extension about some news that popped up on the radio after I uploaded. :D

Edit: Adding all materials I've made for this lesson. You may need to modify things for lower levels - I usually make it for the higher levels and then remove unnecessary/overcomplicated parts as the week goes on and I teach lower level classes. I might also add in extra explanations if the kids need them.

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Re: Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement?
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This is excellent. Just found the thread for this textbook and there's some great work. Thanks guys! I should go back and put some of my own work up for previous units.

Re: Lesson 6: Ready to Enjoy Extreme Excitement?
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Is anyone still using this text book?

Anyway, here are two videos for motivation for this lesson.

This one is purely for entertainment (BEST OF YOUTUBE: EXTREME SPORTS )

British council, Word on the street: Extreme Sports. This one needs more focus. I made a comprehension worksheet to accompany the video.

I used this in the into lesson to the chapter and also reviewed the vocab list that comes with the chapter.