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    • September 05, 2010, 03:50:40 pm
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An introduction i made for Lesson 3. It includes vocabulary and key expressions and key words. Click on the symbols(it has hyperlinks) to the subjects and then review all the subjects and days of the week

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    • August 25, 2011, 02:35:16 pm
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Made some Uno cards for this chapter.

Love the uno cards!  Thanks!  I might just edit them and use it for six grade!  Whoot! :D

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    • September 19, 2011, 02:57:10 pm
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Here is a Battleship game i got from and edited for practising the expressions in Story A.
I suggest you laminate the cards so that it could be reusable.

I intentionally left some space below the headers/titles on the cards so that, you can have students write different words in them and use the game to practise different expressions/sentences.

Have fun.

I'm having problems opening up this file. It says, "404 no attachment." Do you mind posting it again? Thanks!

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The language in this powerpoint is not correct.  The fill in the blank spaces dont correspond to the target language neither.

Finally the sentence "but i can't play very good" is a strange sentence to say.  I can't play very well would be much better suited. 

Hi everyone, 

I took the liberty to use and modified another Waygook's PPT, as well as added a few more pictures with various sports, so as to include lesson two.

 I combined the two key phrases into one PPT for example:

What's your favorite class?  My favorite class is________

If SS sees a sport, they should say I like basketball too, but I can't play very well.   

 Place SS in teams of two or three. If a subject appears,

All SS say aloud, "What's your favorite subject?" The leader of the opposite team will pick a SS from the other team to response.  (You can make it a point game and hand out rewards at the end of period.

Good luck, please see attached PPT

Battleship game with PPT on how to play.

If you are playing Battleship for the first time with students, it usually takes a long time for them to figure out what the are doing, but they will eventually get the hang of it.
If you then use Battleship regularly, it is a lot easier
If you like my material, you  can check out my games page at,43821.0.html

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Here's a flyswatter game that I made for this lesson.

Materials needed: 2 rolled-up papers (or swatters)
How to play:
Split the class into 2 teams.
Form 2 lines in front of the screen 1 step away.
Teacher says "My favorite _____ is _____."
The students must swat the correct word or picture.
For a wrong guess, that team loses 1 point.
If a student swats a classmate, their team loses 2 points.
The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

1. subject
2. sport
3. season
4. color

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    • April 05, 2012, 09:48:45 pm
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Link to a good motivational video

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Here is an interview worksheet too.  Very good for low level intro to writing and speaking.

This is all I have done so far, as my class is quite behind other schools using this same textbook.

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Snakes and Ladders game for "My Favorite Subject is English." I used this after Chapter 3 Lesson 5. I included pictures to represent PE, Social Studies, Art, Music, Science, English and Korean. Where there is a thumbs up and a picture, the student reads the sentence as "I like ____." Where there is a thumbs down and a picture, "I don't like _____." The students use rock, paper, scissors to determine how far they move ( rock =1 space, paper =2, scissors =3). If a student lands on the bottom of a ladder, they get to climb up the board. If they land on the head of a snake, they slide back down. Students follow arrows at the end of the row to know which direction to move.
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L-sound PPT

This all helpful thanks :)

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    • March 04, 2013, 12:40:21 pm
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My school did these lessons a little out of order, so here is my intro PPT for this lesson.

I included a cultural tip on how to pronounce "favorite." In the USA, the "o" is silent. In the UK and elsewhere, the "ou" is pronounced. 

The PPT mostly focuses on drilling the structure "My favorite ______ is _______." Then I talk about using "like" or "love." And last how to say you don't like something. It might seem a little rushed at the end, so feel free to add more examples.

Also, I made a worksheet to use as a time filler. But the students really liked the idea of writing in their favorite things on the chart. It served as good review and practice, so I made a full lesson out of it. I pre-filled in some words they didn't know, but liked and were interested in.

Also, I found out that yeot (a traditional Korean candy) is also a slang word for "eff you" so depending on how your class will react to that, you may want to take it off the list.

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Here is a PowerPoint containing the dialogues from Chapter 3. The format is taken from another Waygooker (thanks to him!).

Simple slides with vocab and Korean translation for favorite subject, color, fruit, food, sport, and animal. Fill the last slide out about yourself. The students can write six sentences about themselves or partner and present.

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    • August 28, 2012, 02:47:36 pm
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Speed Read Game.
Rules are on the 2nd slide.


1) Two practice ppts, the first going over the expressions 'do you like _____?', and answering 'yes I do' or 'no I don't'. The second you can use for the following period, asking 'does he / she like ______?' and answering 'yes, she/he does' etc. Both ppts have practice sections where students can fill in the blanks and also practice conversations in pairs. I used the first ppt for the 2nd period and the second ppt for the 3rd period.

2) There are two memory games which I used following practicing the expressions from the second ppt in the 3rd period. Have the class play in groups, then have two students in a group stand up at a time. They can choose a number (e.g. 1) and the first student should ask the expression 'does he like _____?' or 'does she like ______?'  and the second student should answer according to what's there. If they speak correctly, they can choose a second number. If it's a match, their group get's a point. No match, no point. Rinse & repeat.

Practicing L sounds today

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    • October 22, 2013, 01:40:01 pm
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I needed a review game so I changed the Mario Game to include Lessons 1-3.

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    • June 04, 2012, 09:03:54 pm
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Given the sad and terrible ferry accident last week, I had to do a quick scramble to change my Battleships game to something more appropriate....

I give you Bomb Attack, which is basically the same as Battleship, but with buildings instead of ships.

I used the template that Plaguemonkey posted above, but spent a lot of time extending and simplifying the instructions to make them really really easy to follow and understand (not that his wasn't great to start with!). I also changed the rules to make it turn about, rather than a hit gives the player another go.

It worked a treat, and with an interactive explanation, my kids picked it up really easily. It really is a genius game and has one of the highest speaking student speaking percentages of any I've seen. They loved it too, plus it runs itself once you get it going. I'm going to make it a regular for my classes.