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A Review of the Second October Workshop
« on: November 15, 2007, 11:03:45 am »
Hey Guys

I'm a bit it slow but I've posted my take on the 2nd October workshop.  Feel free to thrown poo at me. I don't mind.  But whenever I've been to a workshop in North American the experience had been more interactive, at least enough that when I walk away from I can feel like I've learned something.  Here with the 2nd workshop I really didn't get anything out of it.  Since the other thread has gone slightly off topic I'd like to try kick starting a new one: Did you feel that attending the workshop was worthwhile?  How could workshops be improved?


Re: A Review of the Second October Workshop
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2007, 12:05:28 pm »
well, it sort of seems like we might be moving in the right direction next wed, as there appears to be an elementary teachers workshop at yudal ES.

i'd definitely like to see more specific workshops... a general workshop for all english teachers in the area just seems pointless. if they are large general ones, they should be "information sessions" where the education office presents clear goals and guidlines... things that are specific to all english teachers. we sort of got a little of that, when it was rather surprisingly announced in the middle of andrea's speech, that TEE was in fact, EO policy. a little more info on that would have been helpful!

Re: A Review of the Second October Workshop
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Was your workshop not based around Team Teaching? ... In your post, you seem to have focused on TEE. I think TEE is a marvelous thing and should be used by all Korean teachers. My co-teacher, who is one of the TEE teachers... and any other Korean I've spoken to on the subject knows that it's only an ideal way of teaching... something to be used "in a perfect world". I've heard of no-one who uses TEE in their regular classes. It is a show, mainly used for demonstrations, many of which my co-teacher and I have hosted or watched. These can be found here:

As for the usage of the native teacher... it depends on the class being taught. Most successful TEE demonstrations I've been in, or observed, use the following format: Korean teacher introduces the class and explains activities to the kids, Native teacher mainly focuses on pronunciation, leads games, etc., then both teachers help the kids through their activities. Of course the native teacher is used less in a TEE demonstration that a regular one, as the point is to demonstrate the Korean teachers ability to successfully teach a class using only English. It's like a show of methods and activities for use in the classroom.

Personally, I didn't think the first workshop was worthwhile. I felt sorry for the two teachers presenting as they had a pretty boring lesson to teach, but that's what happens when you're teaching from the book. I would love to work with that Korean teacher though, he seemed like a funny guy! How could it be improved? Have a smaller group of teachers in a larger number of workshops, each Native teacher/Korean teacher pair must speak or demonstrate a method, activity, or any thoughts or ideas they feel are important or interesting. These smaller workshops are also broadcast over the internet so that everyone has the opportunity to learn from and /or comment.