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I have some students. I can think of 1 or 2 in particular who very much dislike English class. >:( And they dislike me too. :'( Today one called me 'waygookin!' the same way a white kk guy would say the 2 sound 'n'  :o word to a black guy. I talk to kids and teachers about them. They say they do bad in other subjects 2. I wonder if they will finish high school. What happens to these kids in high school when they cant write the alphabet? What do korean teachers do to them? I guess korea is good in that most kids finish high school. But, I wonder cause high school is so long and hard in korea. Are the parents making them stay to finish high school? Do the kids want to stay and finish high school? If they hate school so much why not quit? I think I met some clerks who said they quit high school. Do many teens quit high school now that it is so hard. I think if i was a korean kid I would quit high school and just work as a clerk in a PC room. But, then there is the job question. If a korean kid quits school will he be able to get a job. I mean in america walmart may not hire a kid who quit high school. They may think the kid is a quitter and can not do math or come on time. if I am bored and quit high school in Korea can I get a job at as a clerk?  ;D Can you work in a government road crew? Can u get a job makin a house? I dont know. What do u think? I guess in the USA if you have a friend you can get a job putting up drywall even if you cant read. I don't know about korea. Do all the quitters here become gangsters and women of uncertain jobs? Or can they just work putting in internet cables or as a toilet cleaner in emart? maybe the parent and kid feel alot of shame if they dont finish high school?
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Re: Korean High School drop out - what do they do do they drop out alot?
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Being a drop-out does carry a lot of stigma, but when it comes to low-wage employment drop-outs are a more reliable option that uni students, who are likely to quit as soon as they no longer have a pressing need for some extra cash. In the case of reasonably good-looking girls rooms salons don't care much about their educational backgrounds.

Re: Korean High School drop out - what do they do do they drop out alot?
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most work for those delivery guys for chhinese eateries with their bikes.
its pretty conspicuous because of their style. pierced earings, heavily dyed hair (the length too) etc.