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The breaching of the school's contract
« on: November 28, 2010, 02:21:30 am »
Hi I hope to get some advice with this dilemma.
 I'm working in Gumi as an Independent contract English Teacher. Lived in Gumi for the past year. Days ago, I had to move out of my single room apartment to live in the School's private house. The contract does not states that I have to share my living space with any one.

 Before I move into this house, I was told that I have to share this house with another teacher. Isn't this is a breach of contract? I have had meetings with a several of the senior staff at the Educational office, but nothing is being done. 

Months ago, I purchased 450,000 in oil but the other teacher refuses to pay his share. Whenever, I speak to the Korean teacher, or the senior staff, whatever I say to them, it falls on deaf ears.

 I noticed the oil tank is leaking and the boiler is not functioning. I asked the Korean teacher to get it fixed. But, the Office Manager lied to her and said the repairs were done.  I have had to spend weekends and nights in an freeze box.

 The Korean teacher said, that the Principal says if I complain again I'll be terminated.I don't believe he said this, as I have caught her lying on several times.
She said, this because I'm making too many inquiries about the safety and welfare of my health.

I know this school is violating Korean labor law. I will like to know is there a place where I take this conflict between, the school administrators and I? What legal grounds do I have, or what legal actions can  be taken?  This school have ignored almost all of the policies that were written in the contract. If you could direct me to either a labor lawyer in Gumi, or a Senior Eduactional staff in Gumi or Deagu.
That will be great, thank in advance.
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