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Looking for a hagwon job in Bundang?
« on: July 05, 2007, 10:12:49 am »
Then here's a great offer for you from Bundang Kids Club.

If U R YOUNG & WHITE, U R ALRIGHT @ Bundang Kids Club!!!

Wonderful kids!  Salary negotiable.  Excellent housing in Ori-Station area.  Paid vacation.  Optional medical insurance.  Lunch provided at school.  Year-end bonus (if you complete one year).  Round-trip airfare to overseas applicants (return ticket only after one-year of employment).  Beautiful, modern area.  No experience necessary.  Come and join the fun!

Please read the following information.  Then, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to call Gina Song any time, seven days a week, at 011-9334-4303.  Otherwise, to apply, simply email resume with recent, full-body color photo (videos also welcome!) and introduction to  We look forward to your response!

We are looking for young (20's), cheerful (smile!) teachers who fit our image of native English-speakers/Americans.  By law, you must be a college graduate.  Average-weight (or thin) people are preferred.  Also, please, no Australians/New Zealanders/Irish/etc.  Brits may be considered under special circumstances.  (Of course no non-native English speakers or ethnic minorities.)  Korean citizens/Kyopos with native-like English skills may be hired temporarily, and college degree is not required of them.
One-year contract required (by law).  Please note, however, that cultural differences exist with respect to contracts.  Here is a quote from :
"English teachers in Korea occasionally have contract disputes with their employers. In the Korean context, a contract is simply a rough working agreement, subject to change depending upon the circumstances. Most Koreans do not view deviations from a contract as a breach of contract, and few Koreans would consider taking an employer to court over a contract dispute."  We don't think you will take us to court, either! 

On a lighter note, our current foreign teachers are great to work with.  Just ask Gina for contact info to find out first-hand what the teachers think about working at Bundang Kids Club!  ^^

(Not necessarily affiliated with other institutes that also use the name, "Kids Club".)

Well, it's crass, but the salary is pretty good. 
In Korea from 2005 - 2010, not in Korea now.  Please contact an active moderator for quick answers to your questions.

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Re: Looking for a hagwon job in Bundang?
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2007, 03:24:11 am »

They have to be white?!

We are looking for ... teachers who fit our image of native English-speakers/Americans...

They are idiots all around, even if I did come back, I wouldn't want to work for such morons.  Not that I could--I suppose--since I am not "white".

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Re: Looking for a hagwon job in Bundang?
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2007, 07:05:11 am »
HAHAHA  That was great!  That's SUCH a Korean mentality and I think it's hilarious that they don't even bother to hide their blatant racism, vanity, and heirarchy of accent.  But I REALLY wonder who would apply after they make that comment about a contract being subject to change without due notice and that the employees shouldn't complain?