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  • divine
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    • November 19, 2010, 04:55:53 pm
    • Geumsung, Gyeonsanbukdo
Hi everyone, I am working at a Public School as an Independent contract teaching English. I have been living in South Korea for the past 18 months. Four months ago, I was forced to move out of my single apartment house to live in the School's house. My contract does not states that I should be sharing my living space with any one.
However, at the very last minute, before moving in I'm told I' have to share the house with a Korean teacher.
Surely, that's a breach of contract. I have had three meetings with three of the senior staff at the Educational head office in my region, but they all know each other, so although they know what's being done  to me is wrong, they are not saying anyting to this Principal.
I'm thinking out aloud, my next step is to take this matter to Head Office in Deagu
Two months ago, I brought 300,000 in  oil but the Korean teacher is refusing to pay his share.
When I speak to my co-teacher, or the senior staff, whatever I say to them falls on deaf ears.
Three days ago, I realized the oil tank is leaking and the boiler is not working adequately. I told my co-teacher to try and get it fixed. Instead, last Friday, the Senior office manager boldly lied to her and told her the repairs were completed. She lied.  Now, I have had to spend the past two night in a very cold room.
Recently, my co-teacher conveyed to me that the Principal says if I complain again I'll be fired.
I don't believe he made this statement,because I have caught her telling so many lies.
She said, this because I was inquiring of the mold that's in the house.
I know this school is violating the labor law. I will like to know is there a place where I take copies of all my correspondents between my co-teacher, Principal and I. What legal rights do I have? And what legal actions  can  be taken.
 In additions, the school have ignored many of the policies that are in the contract.
I will greatly appreciate if you could direct me to either  a labour lawyer in Deagu, or Senior Educational staff in Deagu.
Thank in advance.
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  • Arsalan
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    • September 18, 2006, 02:00:00 pm
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That's terrible, have you had any luck yet with getting in touch with lawyers?

Anyone else have issues as severe as this?

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  • dchrzano
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    • September 12, 2010, 06:41:39 pm
    • Seoul
Sleep at school? Maybe then they will take action. At least the school has heat.

Do you have any friends you can stay will until the problem is fixed?

  • Koradian
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    • October 08, 2010, 10:29:15 am
    • South Korea
Sounds like you are fighting a losing battle.

In all honesty, I would up and quit. But...

I suggest writing a detailed letter (maybe have a Korean friend translate it to Korean) detailing the reasons why you are leaving. Write it in a polite manner and tell them in closing you will no longer be able to work and you are saddened by this because you love the children. My bet is that this will be an eye opener for the administration. The second you turn to walk away I believe the school does a 180.

  • kaymac
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    • September 25, 2009, 03:53:47 am
    • Yeosu
It sounds as though the school is violating many terms in your contract. I hope you're able to contact someone. A foreigner in Yeosu had to in the past, here's the info he shared:
     I have found the number for the Korean Labor Board and the to ladies that I   
     spoke to answered all of my questions in amazing English. The number is 031 345   
     5000, there is an English menu after the Korean one and it was very user friendly.

  • k_belle
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    • May 18, 2010, 12:20:26 pm
    • Wonju

Maybe look to ATEK for some help?