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Let's + Weekdays
« on: December 15, 2011, 09:26:17 pm »
Note: I teach technical HS so their levels are really low, just FYI* Usually I have groups of 4.
Download all files here: Letís + Weekdays
*Print the worksheet+brainstorming (front and back)* and a board for each group.
Brainstorming (5 mins)
Have students come up with things they do together with friends such as going to movies, hanging out, etc. Take students responses and create a word bank on the board.
Present prezi (10 mins)
Present for the students and include examples from the students. Included is a matching segment where students will match the days, shouldnít take too long. Write key phrases on the board.
Worksheet (5 mins)
Students will do a little practice with the worksheets while the teacher walks around helping etc.
Bullshit Activity (15 mins)
Have 1 set of cards per group. For an explanation on how to play bullshit see here.   ESL Bullshit: Cards are numbered 1-7. Each number is a day of the week. Students can say whatever activity they want but must say the weekday depending on what number they are on.  M1 T2 W3 R4 F5 S6 N7.
3 cards of number 1.  Letís go hiking on Monday.
2 cards of number 6. Letís study on Saturday.
1 card of number 7. Letís go drinking Sunday.
*use whatever activity they want.
The other students will say Yea, sure! If they agree the person to be saying the truth. ďSorry, I canítĒ If they donít agree (bullshit).
First person to get rid of all their cards wins.
7 Days Lyrical Bingo (10 mins)
Students return to the worksheet and this time will work on the Lyrical bingo. Play the song as many times as necessary (2-3 before someone wins). They must get 2 bingos to win. Let them know some of the bingos are fake so they canít just mark anything.
Review (5 mins)