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writing game with should / must / have to
« on: December 15, 2011, 03:04:14 pm »
I notice a high level of deficiency among Korean English speakers with normative / imperative modal verbs.

So, following a textbook lesson on modal verbs some weeks ago, I made this PowerPoint for a review game.  The students were grade 1 middle school, and they really enjoyed it.  The class would be divided into only 2 teams, so it may not work well for large classes.  Maybe it can be adapted for larger classes.

The presentation begins with review of meaning.  Use concept questions to check for understanding.  For example, "Is it OK if Dean falls?"


should -> something is good
must / have to -> something is really important (you have no choice) 

The game requires 2 teams, a visible screen, 2 writing spaces / markers.  A stop-watch can be helpful in case you need to call time.  The screen needs to be equally visible for the two students.

Sentence gaps can be adjusted depending on the level of your students. 

The first student to write an appropriate sentence then must speak the sentence, and so the student wins a point for his / her team.
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