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Story from pictures
« on: December 14, 2011, 10:07:38 am »
This was a really simple lesson plan that went over pretty well with my 3rd graders.

The gist is you have 3-4 groups that have 3-4 people in them. The groups can scale and this activity could be held with 1 student, so just adjust accordingly.

You print out 4 pictures per group, they don't have to be related, and have them make a story from those photos. They write it down, memorize it (optional), and then present it in front of the class. Everyone in the group is required to read and the story has to be 5 minutes (can vary) long.

The nice thing about this is it is repeatable. You can require them to use certain words in their stories, use phrases they've learned, use the present/past/future, etc. I did this all the time when I studied Spanish in college and it was a really useful group activity to practice writing/speaking the target language.

I attached the rubric I plan on using for my classes, you can change it however you like and also the lesson plan I printed out for myself. I also attached some photos that I used, I have others but couldn't find them.

Hope this helps. This activity doesn't take more than like...10 minutes of prep time and takes up as much time as you want it to.