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A little Visa...A little Immigration...A lot of Confusion
« on: December 09, 2011, 02:10:11 pm »
Well, not so much. I apologise for the misleading title but I figured I would share a little something with the fine people on this website in hopes of shedding some light in the darkened corners of the chamber of horrors that can sometimes be Korean Immigration.

I have worked in Korea for six years, all under the EPIK program. I have spent half of that time at an elementary school and the other half at a middle school. Both schools have been great and with the exception of one co-teacher at the elementary school who accused me of faking my mothers death to take one extra day of summer vacation (yes, she died and when I produced the death certificate I was given a half assed apology) everything has been fine.

Next year I begin teaching at a university. Due to the nature of my contract with EPIK I will resign a month early in order to start teaching at the beginning of the university semester.

I have called Immigration numerous times to find out what documents I am going to need, as I have always been slightly paranoid when dealing with them. I was told, as of 17 minutes ago, that I am going to need my passport, ARC card, letter of release from the middle school, a copy of the university contract, the university business letter and my original degrees.

No copies. No apostille. No criminal background check.

Now I was a little bit sceptical about this so I asked why, given the huge amount of conflicting information that is flying around these days. The woman on the phone told me that it was because I was with the EPIK program, and as such the degrees and everything have already been verified.

Regardless I am going to go through the motions just in case...but if anyone has a similar experience or has received similar information regarding a change from EPIK to something else I would be very interested to hear about it.

Have a lovely afternoon...and bring on the test week!

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Re: A little Visa...A little Immigration...A lot of Confusion
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 04:23:09 pm »
If the university is applying for an E-1 visa, you will not need the criminal background check, nor a health check. I started at a university in September and emailed scanned copies of all my documents to the university, which then used those documents to apply for my visa.

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Re: A little Visa...A little Immigration...A lot of Confusion
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2011, 10:38:56 pm »
If your uni is getting you an E1 I'm very jealous, the majority of them get E2s. Here's what kimmi told me
1. You stay with the same employer and already submitted your docs last year: no apostillisation, no CBC
2. You stay with the same employer but DID NOT submit docs next year: need apostilisation, need CBC
3. You switch employers (doesn't matter if you gave them the docs or not last year): you need apostilisation and CBC.

Hey, if you've been here 6 years, go for the F2-99 or F5 visa. You've seen the posts on Dave's about it, right? You need 5 years on the same visa and to fulfill a couple other reqs. There's info on
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Re: A little Visa...A little Immigration...A lot of Confusion
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2011, 06:51:42 am »
Wow, your school gave you a release letter? I was told by the Busan MOE that they never do that, even if you had to leave for military duty. Good luck on your application and try to enjoy your life as a uni instructor! 8)

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Re: A little Visa...A little Immigration...A lot of Confusion
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2013, 01:26:10 pm »
Old topic but are there new guidelines for F-5 visa? There is a ton of conflicting reports about this visa. I think it is better than an F-2, but I am having some trouble finding out exactly what I need, including from the Governments website.
So my questions are:
1) Is there still a language requirement?
2) Does the 2 year residency have to be on the same visa? I was out of the country for 8 months, returning 04/2012,  on 2 different visas.
3) Will a pay stub from my school cover the income requirement? or my future spouses income cover it? <---- Im not a freeloader but have been paying off my student loans.

Worse comes to worse I get F-2 visa until I qualify for F-5, but if I can skip that step it would be better (from what I understand).

Thanks for any help and I'm planning to contact local immi. office asap, but again their version may be different too.