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Korea compared to others....
« on: December 05, 2011, 03:17:50 pm »
I put together a lesson comparing Korea with 4 other countries on a range of topics such as population and economy which went down well with just about every class...

Firstly, it would help to place each flag on the board just as a visual aid. I introduce the lesson and explain the population slides.  The class  is then placed into 7 teams and given a board, marker and eraser each. The main concept of the lesson is for them to write the 5 countries in the correct order for each topic; they really seem to enjoy this part. Each correct team gets a point.

On the planet slide there are 2 links at the bottom; a video about world population in which the students fill out a multiple-choice answer sheet (they think its part of the game and take it seriously ;)) and a website where you can enter a students DOB and find their birth number, as well as a continuous counter of the world population which the students loved.

There are several 'quiz time' slides where you can ask them questions about statistics you have shown (e.g. which is the poorest continent? What is the life expectancy in Japan?). It also helps to throw in bonus questions throughout the slides to hold their attention. There are descriptions under several slides to held you explain the content if you're uncertain.

Generally  try not to over explain the information though. Keep it real simple and they should be interested in what they see. My 2ND and 3rd graders were really competitive and several students got involved who don't usually like English....