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Affadavit, US Embassy Hours and Korean Criminal Check???
« on: November 18, 2010, 08:55:15 am »
-I've 'heard' you can get an affadavit on your background check in place of an apostille.  Anyone know if this is still true for US Citizens? Anyone familiar with the process for it at the US Embassy? (Where is the US Embassy/hours?) Any chance of being able to do this without going to the embassy?  Such as printing off the form and mailing it to them?

-To get a Korean Criminal Check are there any places in Seoul that I can do this; a) they speak English, b) open on Saturdays?

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Re: Affadavit, US Embassy Hours and Korean Criminal Check???
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2010, 11:19:39 am »
If you're an American citizen you DON"T go to the embassy. I think they once handled this stuff but no longer. You need to get your fingerprints done and send that with an application, payment, and letter requesting the seal and signature of an FBI official on the back of the background check TO THE FBI. The embassy won't help you. Go to and do a search. I've included their PFD'd checklist here to give you an idea of what they need. Search for their FAQ about background checks, it includes what you need to say on the letter to request the seal and signature. That is in lieu of an apostille, which they don't do anymore either. Once you get that stuff, you then send it off with more paperwork and payment to the State Dept (also in the US, not the US embassy here) and THEY verify the background check as authentic.

It takes a while, so I would FedEx everything. Include a SASE with it so they can mail it back to you in Korea when they're done. Unfortunately you can't include a prepaid FedEx envelope unless you're a business with a FedEx account number :(

Hope this helps.
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