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North Korea Peace Balloon Launch!
« on: December 02, 2011, 03:39:42 pm »
North Korea Peace will be having another balloon launch on the 23rd of December to send hope, inspiration and warm winter socks to the people of North Korea.

I joined this awesome group of people last weekend and it was truly a heart warming experience that i enjoyed so much I'll be joining them on the next launch too. I would really love to send out the invitations to those here who would like to join!

So for those of you who are interested, North Korea Peace is a non-political, non-religious volunteer organization. Once a month balloons with a cargo load of winter socks and inspirational messages are sent off towards North Korea as part of a humanitarian initiative to help alleviate the suffering of North Koreans and reignite global and local awareness to the plight of their situation, one which is all too often forgotten.

Winter socks are rare items in North Korea, especially those living on the periphery of society and while they can be used to help those most vulnerable to the upcoming cold winter, they can also be traded on the black market for a decent amount of food to help see a family through winter!

In addition to assisting with the balloon launch, you would also get to see some of the DMZ (with transport provided from Itaewon) and enjoy the company of an amazing group of people. However it is important to note that this is all part of a humanitarian initiative and not a tourist excursion.

The group is headed by Mr. Lee who is a North Korean defector and is an amazing person to listen and talk to and is open to all kinds of questions!

If you'd like to know more information you could check out their website at
Or their facebook group that has ALL the information about the upcoming launch at

I hope to see some of you there at the next launch!

Have a merry festive season!

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Re: North Korea Peace Balloon Launch!
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2011, 11:36:34 pm »
Fair play, this seems really cool! Is the launch weather dependant? Do you postpone if its blowing a southerly - or do you throw caution to the wind (no pun intended)?

Re: North Korea Peace Balloon Launch!
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My apologies for the delayed reply. The launch itself is of course weather dependent! It would be best to keep in contact with the group organizers prior to the event.