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Dance: What Are You More Into?
« on: November 14, 2011, 03:36:59 pm »
Here's a video using dance genres to teach "what are you into?" and "what are you more into?" Write up the names of the following twelve genres:

1. Belly dance (Shakira)
2. Breakdance
3. Jazz dance (disco is a music genre!)
4. Modern dance
5. Moonwalk
6. Popping
7. Samba
8. Shuffling
9. Street dance
10. Tap
11. Twist
12. Waltz

Get them to guess the genres one by one. Thanks to all the major labels and for the video content. I recommend you download it (on before it gets taken down

Introduce "into" and "more into" to express interest and preference respectively. Attached PPT has a few pop stars for comparison (eg Won Bin or Kang Dong Won). For the main activity, I gave each pair a category and paper and told them to draw something (eg food, phones, celebrities, family, animal, etc). Then scramble all the papers and get them to find each other by walking around the class looking for their lost pair.