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    • September 06, 2010, 10:16:08 am
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The worksheets are in the Teacher's CD-ROM, not the student's CD-ROM. There should be 8 CDs in the Teacher's CD-ROM. It's all in Korean but it's not too hard to find. The worksheets are in PDF format.

In the teacher's guide there are some worksheets that are associated with each period but how do I get access to the worksheets. For example, in lesson 1, I'm from Brazil, on page 81, it says worksheet but how can I get these worksheets. It will be greatly appreciated if someone can respond to my inquiry ^_^.

They are on the books website. You will probably need to ask your CT for help, unless your great at Korean.

No, I am not good in Korea and my co-teachers may  use the same material as well so I don't really want them to know that I am using these materials, if this make sense ^_^. I don't want our work to coincide and I don't tell or share to them what I am teaching to the students.

I've spend the last 20 minutes going through the website with my co-teacher.  Where the hell are these worksheets?

I have no idea. I asked my CT and that's what she said. We have to download all the CDs which is taking a while. When that is finished she will get them and I will post them

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    • June 15, 2011, 09:01:48 am
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Pororo bomb game I used for pd 7

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    • September 01, 2010, 02:43:24 pm
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I'm struggling for ideas now, up to period 5. I threw this ppt together. The pictures are clues at 'where you are from.' It starts easy and gets more difficult.

Oh and I downloaded and installed the Lord of the Rings font which you probably don't have, so you just might want to edit the font. And the few anime images I used were considered riskay by my co-t so run it by them 1st. (I honestly don't see why).

Also just made this game. You flick a coin or a dice from the 'start' position and try to get it to stop on a square. Whatever one it lands on, complete the dialogue, then mark that square with your initials. The person with the most squares covered by the end wins. Or the first to claim them all if they're fast.

You could edit the dialogue to match the key expressions. My co-t asked me to change it like this however.
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I just finished doing this song and worksheet with my 3 fifth grade classes.  The students completed the check-up at the end of the chapter and then we did this song for the remainder of the class period. They absolutely loved the song and had fun filling out the worksheet.

I hope this helps someone else that needs additional activities or something different to review the key points of Lesson 1.

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    • September 02, 2010, 06:56:23 pm
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For second period I've prepared a powerpoint of pictures of my friends from around the world (mostly just countries used in the book). on each photo it says their name, their country and shows the flag. so  "John, Canada  [canadian flag]. first I'm going to have them ask me "what is his name?"  "where is he from?" and "how do you spell that?"
afterwards, we're going to do it again but I'll ask them and they must answer.
then I have the same pictures without any text/flags, and will ask if they can remember names/countries etc. students who can remember and answer in full sentences will win points for their team.
there's no point in me uploading the .ppt cos i dont think my friends would appreciate being put on the internet  but you get the idea.

WIN! Thank you! I'm always looking for things other than the normal PPT games and this idea is fantastic.

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This is interesting board game for lesson 1
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A PPT quiz that goes with the around the world section of period 6. I changed one of the answers from the textbook as according to the net, Papa new guinea has more spoken languages than India.

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    • March 05, 2012, 02:44:33 pm
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I printed out these flags and then pasted the names and numbers on the back. Then I laminated them to re-use them. I handed out the flags and chose a number. The student who had that number stood up. I asked them what their name was which they said my name is...depending on what the name was on the back of the flag. Then I asked them where they were from and they said where they were from depending on what flag they were holding. Then they were allowed to pick the next number and that student would stand up and answer the same questions.

I played a line up game this period--

Kids had to ask "Where are you from?" and "What's your name?"

Each one got a laminated card with a character and a country.

Here is a PPT explaining the game if you want to do it-- sorry, no cards
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    • September 01, 2011, 10:39:15 am
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Attached are a country/flag intro PPT for 5th Grade Lesson 1 (Cheonjae book).

Also, a printout to use for the info gap activity on class session 3.


Here is a vocabulary/activity handout for the first couple of periods.

Okay, so I heard that young Korean kids really love Kim Soo Hyun right now, so I made a simple PPT to review dialogue between the actor and Spongebob. The kids thought that it was funny. :)

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    • September 01, 2010, 12:14:19 pm
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Fun dialog for review.  Games: Guess the Flag.  Basketball Game: He's from ____.  She's from _____.  Last several slides are scanned images.

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    • September 01, 2010, 12:14:19 pm
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Magnetized Flag/Character Throwing Game: Write He and She on the board with some space between.  If you have kits with magnet flags or characters from different countries they'll work with the blackboards. 

Have students stand a couple of metres from the board and fling the magnets.  If the magnet sticks the student says: He's/She's from _____.  I give them stickers.  Have the class repeat.  If the student misses they don't get a sticker. 

Make it more challenging by having the students throw from further away.

Some more games:

First, a ppt intro to a board game and the board game .hwp file. The last slide of the intro simply illustrates that the students should pass the boards and dice back, and that when the game ends the students at the back should collect the boards or dice of the students in their row and bring it to the front.

Next, a writing game. I put the game board pages in plastic slip covers and used those (flipped over) as white boards and handed out markers and erasers. Put students in groups of 3 or 4, and have them write a) the names of countries, b) make sentences from scrambled words, c) write questions for the answers on the screen, etc. First group to hold up their answer (must be correct) gets 2 points, other correct answers get 1 point.

Last, a card mingle game. Cards have countries on one side, in groups of 4. Divide the cards among students, and have them ask the question  (ie where are you from) and when they find 3 others with matching cards, they flip the cards over and, like a puzzle, put the cards together to reveal a word. They then write the word on the board. At the end, the class makes a sentence from the words on the board. You can use the template in the ppt to make more card games (though I only made 7 groups of 4, since I have less than 28 students per class).

here is a mario bomb game

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    • February 21, 2012, 07:30:26 pm
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PPT with flags
I am from ...
I'm from ...

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    • March 11, 2012, 03:41:42 pm
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Hi guys,

I created this game for my grade 5 class.

It basically just has pictures of famous people/characters/etc. from around the world, and the students have to guess where they are from. If they don't guess off the bat, a flag will appear as a hint.

I may have even included a video clip of Martin Luther King (USA) giving his famous "I have a dream" speech and some salsa dancers (Cuba).

Hope you like it!

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    • March 11, 2012, 03:41:42 pm
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Hi guys,

Here's another game I created for the same lesson (class 2) - this one involves spelling.

Same pictures as last time, but in this game the kids must spell out the characters' names (fill in the blanks). When you click above the dash, the letter will appear.

The ppt I've attached has some uncovered letters, to make it easier for the children to spell -- but I also have one with no uncovered letters (all blanks). Let me know if you want it!


Here is a ppt I used for this lesson. I used it as a motivation to test their knowledge on the different countries we had talked about.