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Re: Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?
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I totally understand how she feels. I moved to a city where the city was averaging about 2 assassinations a week and on top of that your occasional random murder. I always felt unsafe in that city, but I lived in a building where everything was barred, had 24 hour security and two armed guards.

The OP lives in South Korea, not Columbia.  I don't think any of us would take a job in a city with 2 assassinations per week.

New Orleans, the city with the most murders in the US, has murder rate of about 175 people per year, or about 1 murder every other day (similar to the city you previously lived in).   The rate in Seoul (highest murder rate in Korea) is a fraction of that.  Which Korean cities are you comparing your extreme situation to? You're extrapolating your situation to hers, and it's an unfair comparison. 

Re: Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?
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Thanks to those who have showed their support!  Its really hard living in a foreign country and I think we expats need to stick together and help each other out in times of need.  I wasn't fishing for pats on the shoulder, but thanks for the kind words!
To clarify, my life was put in danger, the police and my director were notified immediately.  Seoul can be a very dangerous place, especially when you have blond hair and stick out like a soar thumb.  I moved into a temporary apartment immediately; unfortunately, my landlady won't let me break my lease and I'm paying rent for two apartments.  Yet, I only have the temp apartment until the end of December.  I have four months left on my contract and I'm giving my director a three month notice, which I think is more than fair.  I will stay with friends for two months (and pay some rent fee) but to be homeless for almost four months isn't worth the severance or plane ticket (in addition to the double rent I'll be paying).  I want to move on with my life, have a safe home, and a calm peace of mind.  Happiness and safety will outweigh money in my book any day.  I still plan on staying in Korea and maintaining a positive attitude about my experience here.
So, my question is about visa documents and the logistics of leaving a contract early.  I know I need a letter of release and I'll need to give a written notice.  Anything else?  If another employer asks why I'm leaving early what should I say?
I'd love to call my mom and ask her for her advice, but she would make me come home immediately...

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Re: Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?
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Be honest if the next employer asks but you don't have to go into detail. Get a letter of recommendation from your principal. You can write it for him/her, ask a co-teacher to make a translated copy (esp. if you are looking for work in Korea again) and have your principal sign it. That way there's no question you left on equitable terms. Ask an English speaking co-teacher to be a reference as well just in case.

I wish you the best and I hope your next place is a lot safer and a lot better!

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Re: Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?
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D*mn, that sucks, OP.  Very thankful to hear you're OK.  I think you're doing exactly what I'd do in your situation, getting to a new place and sticking with friends.  I'm not blonde or tall and I feel this helps me blend in a bit, but I still know what you're talking about.  The "visibility" is uncomfortable at best and yes, can be very dangerous as you more easily catch the attention of predators.

I think being honest but not too detailed, and producing perhaps a short letter of reference from your old employer to potential new ones.  I've had friends who got fired here because of disagreements with their bosses and they still got new jobs--the fact that you're already living here is a massive incentive for schools, since they don't have to pay for flight ticket here.  Plus, if you have the good word of a former Korean supervisor I would think you'd be golden.

Re: Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?
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The OP lives in South Korea, not Columbia...

Are you referring to Columbia, the poetic name for the States or ColOmbia, the country in South America?

To answer your Q OP, I suppose a job offer and contract in another place might help you.  I'm not sure if your school would or are able to cancel your visa.  To get your bases covered, start job searching now and I hope all turns out well!
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