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What's with all the Korean-hate and bashing?
« on: November 22, 2011, 07:44:28 am »
I've noticed that 20-25% of all topics/threads in our general discussion is in some way directly or indirectly related to
constant complaints about Korea and Korean people.  The generalizations and stereotypes almost sound pseudo or covertly

Usually a it begins with something like, "Why are koreans so....", "Why do koreans.....", "Why is Korea....", and then usually leads to statements like, "Koreans are the worst drivers",  "Koreans are the worst walkers", "Korean ajusshis/ajummas are creepy", "The Korean Board of Educators are so.....", "Koreans are racist", "Koreans are xenophobic",  "Koreans are the worst...", so on and so forth.   I think you get the picture.

I don't mind if you have some issues adjusting to life in Korea or accepting the certain cultural differences about Koreans, but once you start generalizing or stereotyping Koreans, that's just as bad as being a blatant racist.  It is also said in a tone of a certain ethnocentric vibe, as if wherever you are from is somehow always better than Korea/Koreans and you as well.   Ironically, Korea has employed you and given you a job that your own home country didn't or couldn't (or you failed to make it work back home).

Since I've been here, sure, I've had some of my own complaints and rants too, but in the same token, I'm grateful for the opportunity I have here and I know better not to start threads/topics with generalizations of a whole nation or race of people.

There are always constructive ways to resolve issues and discuss them, without having to cast an entire people as being "rude", "racist", "ignorant" and whatnot.    It's the same thing when NETs are generalized as being complainers, whiners, and, heavy clubbers/drinkers (coming in school with a hangover or calling in sick), constant troublemakers, etc.  Not all NETs are like that either.  Many NETs are good, honest, hard-working people who appreciate and respect Korea and the Korean peoples, even if you don't always agree with everything.

Attack the issue, not the people.

Re: What's with all the Korean-hate and bashing?
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Thanks for the lecture.
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Re: What's with all the Korean-hate and bashing?
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Generalizing makes life, and conversation, a hell of a lot easier. It can also be rather effective.

Are Koreans really bad at walking and driving? No, not all of them. But, from my experiences, there are a surprisingly large number of bad walkers and drivers here. Would that sentence be considered borderline racist? Would it be better if I went into greater detail and said that students here are the worst walkers I have ever seen? Am I now being ageist? At what point can we use our experiences to make observations without being called an -ist of some sort?

How about if I said that I typically generalize the foreigners here as being much too involved with drinking? Am I now being self-hating?
What if I told you that I tend to generalize people from my own country and ethnic group?

My point is that it's not Korea-bashing as much as it is society-bashing. We'd be doing the same thing in our own countries, and with our own people. You're just more sensitive of it now because there are such clearly defined dividers between us and Korean people. Should we be treating them as special people, never deserving of criticism? Do they get kid gloves simply because you're more racially sensitive?

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Re: What's with all the Korean-hate and bashing?
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'Attack the issue, not the people'.

How do you attack the issue and not the people when they are the ones doing these things?

Most teachers are here are grateful for being here etc.  but sometimes things just get to you. I have been here 3 years now and regard myself as open-minded, tolerant and adaptable, but sometimes things just get to me and I blow off steam (not necessarily here but to my wife and friends).

I try very hard not to be negative and critical but there are just some things that drive me crazy and defy explanation.

I like to give credit where credit is due and often spend time telling my Korean friends of the things I really like here, but I don't think being here as an employee of Korea absolves them from criticism when things are clearly wrong.  I am not talking about cultural differences as being wrong, no culture is more correct than another, but some things are just wrong in the sense of living together and that is what people are complaining about.

Remember too, that complaining about and airing your view, does not mean you hate.

I am super critical of my own country and countrymen and take no exception to any 'foreigner' doing so too, if it is a valid comment.

Just my two won's worth.
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Re: What's with all the Korean-hate and bashing?
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Re: What's with all the Korean-hate and bashing?
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Save your lecture, pal.
What a load of self-righteous B.S.
I am not having trouble adjusting to the culture.
I'm a bona fide veteran.
Sometimes the more you understand a society, the more you see its faults. Familiarity breeds contempt.
As for racism...screw that. We're all equal under the sun and all open for criticism.
Question for the OP - how long have you been here?
Enjoy the honeymoon, son.
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